Jailbreak tips

Anemone slows down your phone, here's how to make is fast again, without removing it.

Go to iCleaner Pro -> + Sign -> Cydia Substrate Addons -> Disable all Anemone addons.Now enable ONLY: Anemome, AnemoneCORE, AnemoneICONS, AnemoneUIKIT, and AnemoneIconEffects.Now apply and respring.You can disable UIKIT if you want, but it will make some themes not work (clock icon wont work, rest will) NOTE; SOME FUNCTIONS OF ANEMONE WONT WORK, THIS IS FOR PEOPLE WHO ONLY CHANGE ICONS

Disabling this Daemon for Log Dump will signifigantly help battery life!

Use tweakCompatible and make 12.4 upgrades less painful for everybody.

As the title implies, just to "celebrate" for some sort the 12.4 JB release, don't forget to use [[tweakCompatible]] and report tweaks' status.The same is valid for any iOS version on any device.

Delete OTA Update from storage BEFORE using unc0ver.

This is extremely important, if you fail to do this... you might get boot looped. Just a tip for new jailbreakers.

If you run into spotify or another app crashing at start when jailbroken.

Open newterm or a similar terminal, get root, and run ldrestartNo need to reboot and go through the hassle of rejailbreaking.Found this to be consistently working for me.

[[Translucency Parallax]] can get you the actual beautiful background image of unc0ver(in dark mode).

Dune is a free, dark mode tweak for SystemUI elements that can be combined with Eclipse, and has no Noctis-like battery issues. http://skitty.xyz/repo/

Use Application Names

IconCert is compatible with 12.4 & Unc0ver and shows the remaining certificate time

By installing iPadFeatures, Medusa now works flawlessly enabling splitscreen systemwide in your iPhone