Jailbreak tips

Better Success Rate with Electra (VFS).

Hey guys I just wanna to help you guys out I am writing a short tutorial. I am not sure it work for you but this tricks worked for me I Jailbreak My iPhone X and iPad Air1) Reboot your Device, Turn ON Airplane mode, Turn OFF Siri. 2) Unlock phone leave device for 30 Secondsthan lock your phone unlock again. 3) open any app which requires Internet connection (I used YouTube) close the app let it stay in the background. 4) Wait 1-2 mins before opening Electra app but don’t let your phone Autolock. 5) Open Electra wait 15-20 seconds before hitting “Jailbreak” 6) it should work now 7) if not keep following again.I know Some of the steps sounds funny but I tried it and it worked for me in < 10 tries. Wish you all Good Luck.

Get your Tweaks preferences back in Settings if you've installed NoSubstitute.

Delete co.vexation.nosubstitute.plist located in the following path and respring. /var/mobile/Library/Preferences/ If you don't want to lose your tweaks prefs again, just don't enable "Settings" in NoSubstitute list.

After Jailbreaking With Electra 1.0.1 Try to Ssh Using Port 22. Not 2222.

Title says it all.

[Update] Last posted about how FastForwardTime being able to add seconds to Kalm. Back to report another tweak to add to the combo. Weatherdate adds the weather underneath the date since Kalm has the tendency to not apply weather

That’s how I fixed the sub-process /usr/libexec/cydia/cydo returned an error code (255) error.

So what you can do is restore RootFs.. re-jailbreak upon entering cydia when you need to update the defaukt packages don’t update the jailbreak resources package.. I don’t even know what causes this error.. But that’s how I got to bypass it! Hope it helps anyone out.

Exporting Kernel_task_report (tfp0) on unc0ver.

You guys have surely noticed a option for Exporting and un-exporting tfp0 or kernel task report or Set HSP4 as tfp0Although it is marked as unsafe but very useful .By Exporting tfp0 , in simple words - Re-jailbreak will succeed 100/100 times until the next reboot. So no need to depend on exploit again.And about being unsafe it has been tested on iPad Air, iPad Air 2 , iPhone 7+ , iPhone X . If I wrote anything wrong, correct me

If you are trying to save your iOS 12 blobs via TSS Saver web link and it is not working, try it from the TSS Saver tweak.

Saving from the TSS Saver tweak is the only thing that worked for me. I have been trying the web link for 3 days now. The tweak can be found on nullpixel's repo:https://repo.nullpixel.uk/

If you’re getting a fatal error when switching from chimera to u0, and have already restored rootfs, try restoring rootfs from the chimera app.


Use Konban for Spotify and the hide the Spotify app from your home screen and drawer with Vesta. You now have native background for Spotify, and if Spotify is running on a separate device, e.g. echo dot, it will always be available from lockscreen controls even if the app is closed.

If you’re using Gesto with LittleXS and Side-by-Side animation looks stuttery, try using Neptune for iPhone.

It is now buttery smooth I can’t believe it