Jailbreak tips

Assign an activator gesture to enter safe mode in case you screw up!.

I would recommend a gesture with the iPhone buttons in case the screen becomes unresponsive.For example toggle ringer on and off, but if you choose this one it's better to only assign it on the lock screen because you could trigger it by accident.

If you're too lazy to install tvOS certificate to stop OTA, ifunbox can do it for you in one click.

Just plug in your device, open ifunbox, on left bar click on toolbox and there "Stop OTA" Accept the certificate on the device and reboot it Works on Windows and macOS

Fix for failed jailbreak Unc0ver 12.

Hi Guys, ​If like me you are having the issue below i'll explain how i managed to successfully jailbreak.​Issue:Whilst trying to jailbreak a pop up briefly appears followed by a re-spring, the re-spring takes around 2 mins followed by the device restarting.​Fix:Restart your device, open Unc0ver and go to the settings tab, turn off the 'Reload System Daemons' toggle and continue to jailbreak your device.​Hope this helps​Steve

How to make WinSCP work on A12.

Gui ssh tools like WinSCP and cyberduck don’t work with A12 devices. I think it’s because they look for ls under /bin instead of /jb/bin and can’t find it. This is why you can’t display the files on your phone in these tools.To make them work again:1. Install Filza2. Navigate to /jb/bin and copy the “ls” binary3. Navigate to /bin (from root directory, not from jb) 4. Paste the ls binary into /bin5. Respring device (Killall SpringBoard)This doesn’t not fix SFTP. only SCP so you must choose scp as the protocol and not sftp

For anyone having touch freezing when using app. Try to downgrwd JB Resource back to 1.0~b6 (with lastest u0)

How to edit a Keyboard Configuration created with NudeKeys.

Since editing is not in the setting’s tweak by default, all you have to do is follow the instructions as you have to delete a configuration: open Filza —> /var/mobile/Library/Preferences/NudeKeysConfiguration, then choose the one you want to edit and change there the values simply tapping on the ‘i’(ex. If you forgot the highlight color and now you have your beautiful keyboard with that ugly grey ‘return’ button, just change in filza the value with #00000000 to make it transparent or with the value you want). Hope it helps

For anyone using ShortLook, an easy temporary fix to the distorted icons/ folders, if you have SnowBoard installed, Force Refresh fixes it until you respring again.

For people who installed Adblock(iOS 8-10) and can’t view pics of any tweak in Cydia , you have to uncheck Cydia from “ Other apps “

Infinite resprings from rejailbreaking with Chimera are caused by Xeon

If you type out shortcut phrases in ImageCorrect with Gboard it works with glide typing so you can send memes faster (ex: Insta group chats)