Jailbreak tips

If the App Store is not working, try re-installing Cydia via unc0ver.

The app store would not let me download any app, I tried deleting all my tweaks but that didn't help. Choosing the (Re)Install Cydia option in uncover and jailbreaking again fixed the issue.​Hope this helps! =)

Setting your nonce carries through with iTunes backups!.

Just got myself into a bit of a pickle,Long story short, my 6s on 10.3.1 wouldn't boot (stayed at the white apple logo for around 10 minutes then reset to do the same thing again). This phone had been erased with Cydia Eraser and then restored using a backup I had where I **did** set the nonce, before it got messed up. Just did a futurerestore to 11.3.1 successfully on Windows using a backup with the nonce set! I actually can't believe it worked!Long live jailbreaking!

Fixing Resprings on b46.

I was having problems with Jailbreaking my device. And I found out that the tweak that was causing this was OwO. I found it by slowly disabling and enabling every tweak on iCleaner Pro. After narrowing it down, it was OwO. It’s a great tweak, just hope they do something about!I don’t think this applies to eveyone, but this works for me.

You can use Kefa font in A-Font to make 3d Touch menu small.

Flex 3 patch allows surprisingly reliable voice search on spotify

Quick post for anyone having trouble moving icons on springboard.

This problem has been bugging me for about a month and I figured snowboard, springtomize/boxy/midevice, or any cydia tweak that adds a icon to the HS would be the culprit—but disabling these wouldn't solve my problem.I was going through posts on this sub and someone mentioned that when they disabled Eclipse the problem stopped happening. I knew the problem was happening before I installed Eclipse so that couldn't be it... but I disabled Deluminator (dark mode tweak for webpages) and this solved the problem.Just posting as a heads up for anyone who might have this annoying bug

For those who use SetRes or BetterRes, delete .substrated_disable_loader to load your tweaks without it affecting your custom resolution unlike with iCleaner.

Hi! This also applies to those who use iCleaner to load their tweaks after disabling “Load Tweaks” in unc0ver to jailbreak.- Use Filza- Go to /var/tmp - Delete .substrated_disable_loader- Respring. I use PowerSelector to respring.Now your tweaks are loaded without affecting your custom resolution.Oddly enough, just by launching iCleaner then followed by a respring will reset your custom resolution but respringing alone does not.

Dowload the tweak called NoTrackpadDelay to bring back 3D Touch text selection and cursor on the keyboard before Apple broke it

If your phone is on a safe mode loop, uninstall Anenome.

My phone was in this loop and I uninstalled tweak after tweak until I realized it was Anenome and maybe even EclipseX. Let me know if this helped.

Wait a couple of days to JB. Every day means more stability and more tweaks to start out with.

Get the Apple TV beta profile. It won't mess with your TV. tvOS is built off of iOS so that's why it installs. It blocks all updates.