Jailbreak tips

[Electra] if you’re using DockAlpha you don’t need to respring just open up a folder then close it and changes to the dock will be made!

For everyone who was too late downgrading to 11.3.1 downgrade to 11.3 beta 6 NOW!.

That's your last chance and it's apparently still signed. It's a beta I know but consider it as your last chance, do it before you’re too late.

Using the jailbreak telegram bot makes blob saving incredibly easy!.

This might be redundant, but I’ve been using the telegram bot for saving blobs for a short time, and I find it much easier than using sites like tsssaver because it will save your devices configuration for the next time you need to save blobs. It also has a lot of other cool features that are accessed using a simple cli. Here’s the link to add the jailbreak bot to the telegram app

For notifications Cheader and Picobanners synergize really well.

Cheader color codes notifications based on the color of the app. Picobanner is like tinybanner, it makes notifications as thin as the status bar. With the two together you get color coded thin banners, which I quite like. Thought someone else might too.

Slow TouchID fix.

Note; This won't "speed up" your TouchID if you've got the old sensor (5S/6). TL;DR: If your TouchID is a bit slow on the lockscreen, try removing "LockScreenGestureCleanUp". So, after installing Activator for the first time I noticed that my TouchID Sensor felt sluggish at the lockscreen, whilst jailbroken. I had to physically press the home button in order to unlock my phone. I was cleaning out some tweaks on my phone and noticed that LockScreenGestureCleanUp was installed. I uninstalled it and instantly my TouchID works instantly again! Edit: To clarify, the first time I pressed the home button to unlock it wouldn't recognise my finger, leading to the password screen. I'd have to then physically press the home button for TouchID to recognise my fingerprint.

MiscSettings from idevicehacked has a lot of amazing features that I really wanted but didn't know where to find and is free and includes things like cowbell, sugarcane, and more.

I honestly had no clue how much stuff is in this tweak

If you are having freezes on electra.

Just run SemiRestore11-Lite from electra’s main repo, and then run Delectra . I was having like 5 freezes every day and after doing that i have completed one week without any freezes at all.

Do not use [[Social Downloader]] 2.5 if you have Cercube. It'll crash YouTube.

Just saying. Had to delete it

A quick fix for libfragmentzip failing to compile.

Apparently as of now tihmstar’s libfragmentzip has problems being compiled on macOS (referring to the latest source code with last commit on Oct 5). This package is important as it’s the dependency for lots of other packages, e.g. futurerestore, idevicererestore, etc should you want to take advantage of the #checkm8 exploit and flash a new firmware.If you don’t have a previous version installed and you’re in desperate need to compile the latest version, after you git clone the source code, simply copy ./include/libfragmentzip/libfragmentzip.h to ./libfragmentzip/ or make a symlink, and it should compile just fine.You can also do this in command line prior to doing “./autogen.sh”,cp ./include/libfragmentzip/libfragmentzip.h ./libfragmentzip/I will soon be uploading all the binaries I’ve compiled on my Catalina machine should anyone need them.