Jailbreak tips

Till this moment iOS 12.1.1 beta 3 still singed . Just upgraded my iPhone 7 .

Uncover Beta 39 has been super super stable on IPhone 7+ 12.1.2.

I had uncountable issues with Uncover versions above 46, so if you’re having the same my advice will be to unjailbreak and downgrade to beta 39. Everything is working flawlessly. Battery, performance, tweaks is really good. I have around 5-10 essentially +thematic tweaks installed and it’s running stable as stock. I will advice you to future restore and freshly jailbreak with beta 39 to get the most stable results.Also like everyone has said it in the past, if it ain’t broke don’t fix it, if your current version is working fine then stick with it and don’t downgrade or upgrade imo.

For apps that don't work with [[iPadFeatures]], try enabling rotation lock before opening.

If you're getting battery drain on Unc0ver 3.7b...

Run "killall -9 sbreload" as root over ssh or in terminal, there is a bug causing sbreload to stay running in the background sometimes.

Use springy animations from HideMeX for a new feel like iOS 11.

I know it's not exactly like the iOS 11 app opening and closing animation but it gave me the same "new" feeling as when I held a phone in a store that was on iOS 11.

Guys I would start uninstalling rootlessJB, electra could be coming out any minute or hour now.

I started to remove mine,I would go ahead and do so, so when it comes out we can side load and jailbreak with no issues

OTA Update from 10.3.1 to 10.3.3 didn't miss up anything on my jailbroken iPhone 5s.

I have a jailbroken 5s on 10.3.1 with doubleh3lix and OTA update show up so I decided to take the risk and updating it without using any jailbreak removing tools.Everything went smoothly no bootloop or something like that. I did the jailbreak process as usual and everything was in track again.I thought to share my experience with doubleh3lix.

Don't install Dissident on iOS 12!.

So I was playing with a test device and figured "why not,let me try installing [[Dissident]] to see if backgrounding worked. It didn't (predictably), but even after I uninstalled it my phone started going to safe mode whenever I force quit an app from the app switcher. Restoring rootfs didn't clear the problem; I had to futurerestore to 12.1.1. While I'm not 100% certain the culprit was Dissident, I know it works in mysterious ways so I'd still recommend against trying it. Check out [[Watchdog Lite]] instead. :)