Jailbreak tips

To all user on A12 chimera who can't access sileo because it crash heres a fix.

1 root FS2 settings > general > reset all settings3 https://chimera.sh/downloads/ios/1.2.7.ipa4 jailbreak with itAnd it should be fixed. If you still have issue let a comment below

If u have BATTERY DRAIN on G0BLIN try this!!!.

After investigating I found out the culprit by testing on my personal phones and with others helpThe issue is location services.Turn off location services and ur issue is fixed no battery drain.Sticktron will fix the issue soon in next release!Don't play with rocketbootstrap! Don't install or remove!!!Now you guys have tweaks working and a working jb Don't play around just keep ur phone as is to be safe!If ur having any other issues feel free to pm me!

For those on iOS 10 with signing issues.

Activator action:When battery goes to ___ % or below (percent you know your phone might die soon), open Cydia extender. It will remind you to check to make sure your jb tool is still signed.I know this was probably thought of before, but I thought it might be helpful for some people. Pls no downvotioli

NCLink & ColorBanners 2 go perfect together

If you’re using floaty dock, disable it. You’ll see a dramatic increase in opening apps and folders, etc.

Ever since I have removed floaty dock, my iPhone has felt like a new device. Can’t believe it was floaty dock making it seem sluggish but it seems I have finally found the culprit. Hopefully this helps you guys out for those that have been having issues!

For anyone was wondering how to fix "Failed to extract bootstrap", click on "View log".

Yesterday I came across this error after a reboot and in my case the "Failed to extract bootstrap" problem was LetMeBlock (I had the .deb updated to So if this error comes out, open Cydia and uninstall LetMeBlock and try the jailbreak again. Enjoy!

If you are having problems with the tweak "Dots" its because you are wearing an apple watch.

I learned this the hard way. The only way I could get the dots to show was to tap the screen completely defeats the purpose of the tweak. I took off my Apple watch and it works perfect.Obviously I'm not giving up my Apple Watch for this weak which really sucks because I like the tweak.

Use LSPulltodismiss combined with StackXI if you don’t want to use the collapse/clear button.

Downgrading the Spotify app to version 8.5.0 or lower will remove the new UI.

Made a request post for a tweak to fix this, but it seems like downgrading the app works just as well. Enjoy :)