Jailbreak tips

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If you use SSH a lot consider changing your ip to static.

Open settings > Wi-Fi Tap the ¡ next your network name Tap on static and copy everything from the first tab except the IP address Now write your router ip and Change the last digit(s) (192.168.1.xx) to your desired addressNow every time you connect you your router your phone will obtain that IP address making it easier to connect without having to reach your phone to see it

Use this Squid animation with Gif2ani V2 for a cooler respring experience.


If you guys are having trouble getting the newer version of RootlessInstaller to work; try this!.

Https://drive.google.com/file/d/1YDMWHH1UWj7y2R-sfSJG65NI4GxDW6Lt/view?usp=drivesdkThis shortcut basically performs the necessary commands to get RootlessInstaller to work. Note: MAKE SURE YOU UNSANDBOX SHORTCUTS BEFORE USING IT. Once it completes; just respring and re-open RootlessInstaller, click “Get Root” and now you can install tweaks easily. :)

The newest Flipswitch update comes with a built-in switch for ios10's native screen recorder. CCrecord and ccrecorder are both obsolete now.

Flipswitch 1.0.16~b1 includes its own built in screen recording switch. I removed ccrecord and the icon is changed to flipswitch's own style but the button works exactly the same.

For those of you who need to bypass the JB detection on Directv, Timewarner, or bright house download HIDEOUT.

Download Hideout via dtathemes source. I'm running 9.3.3 iPhone 6 and this works on my directv app. Add source cydia.dtathemes.com/repo

System Active Ram in status bar (None X devices)

I just made this Siri shortcut to jailbreak iOS 12 with the unc0ver jailbreak. You can add it to home screen or simply say to Siri,”Jailbreak”. Let me know if anything should be added or changed!

You can also restore to 11.3.1 using the iOS 12 beta 2 SEP.

Still compatible,and you have to note that to came out before iOS just got unsigned so I wanted to point this out

Jailbreak Detection Bypass for iOS 12.

Been seeing a lot of people asking about jailbreak detection bypass. I tried liberty lite and im still facing the same issue.End up trying tsprotector and it works,i did the following steps to get it working.1. Restart your device2. Uninstall bank app3. Restore RootFS in unc0ver settings(This steps will reset all your settings in cydia - which means you will have to add back all your tweaks again)4. Rejailbreak with Unc0ver5. Download tsprotector tweak6. Blacklist bank app7. Install bank appAnd you are good to go.