Jailbreak tips

Remove the ugly animation with Re:Scale/Upscale when you open the Phone app !.

You only need to install the " Animations - Launch Apps With Snapshots " patch from Flex 3 ( or whatever version you're using ) Thank me later !

Make sure you set nonce with Chimera. It doesn’t set the 0x1111111111111111 like u0 does. Just lost my test device as I’m used to relying on u0 to have that one set.

IPad is boot looping and I don’t think the nonce was set correctly :/ oh well just a test iPad but still a pain.

Type !solved in the comments of your solved post to mark it as ‘solved’

[Discussion] Do not attempt the "way to restore in iTunes without updating from a post earlier today. Not only does it sound fake, but it would be nearly impossible anyways to be approved by Apple to restore to unsigned firmware.

For the german jailbreakers who are using the 'Deutsche Bank Mobile' App don't update to 1.12.0.

On 1.11.0 the jailbreak protection is bypassed with JailProtect by Julioverne. But 1.12.0 is crashing instantly

For those who didn't know, there's a way to delete all those photos your friends take on your phone!.

First, accidentally leave your phone down and precede to not notice your friends take a thousand terrible quality selfies on it.Next, open up your photo gallery. Inside of using the "albums" section, look to the left bottom and hit "photos". There you can go through each individual event in which a group of photos were taken, and delete the whole event (photos>year>month>date/time>select>DELETE!) Photos somewhat included for those interested: http://imgur.com/a/3F3bJHope this helps!

To those who can’t jailbreak on iOS 12.4, keep persisting! SockPuppet took 915 seconds for me.

I updated from 12.1.3 beta to 12.4 via OTA without restoring rootfs, reinstalled unc0ver, and finally succeeded after about 20 tries. It finally succeeded after I closed all apps, held home from the power screen, and tapped jailbreak. After waiting about 10 minutes on step 1, I left the app, put on some music, sent some messages, and when I reopened the app it finally continued with the process. Running smoothly now!