Jailbreak tips

Futurerestore Is Working on chromebooks.

Just to let you know that if you have a chrome book with developer mode and crouton installed, it is possible to install and run futurerestore.I might make a tutorial soon if I feel like it. http://imgur.com/pYbbPqR

Apple Watch users, you can use Activator to locate your Watch.

I've seen a number of posts asking about possible ways to ping a mislocated Watch, but I hadn't seen any solutions provided (unless I missed them). I just recently learned of an effective method and wanted to share.I explored Activator in depth and learned of the "watch tap" action under the "vibration" category at the very bottom of the list of actions. Just pick your activator and scroll all the way down, expand "vibration", select "watch tap", and you'll hear your Watch play that audible 'click' sound (like when you increase its haptic strength) from its speaker. It's not perfect; it certainly isn't like the iPhone ping you can do from the Watch, but I found it to work pretty well. I have mine set to double tap the Watch app (a custom activator build you can do from the "build" button) to "ping" my Watch. :)I hope this proves useful for you!

Keep and Edit SpecialFaces.

With the dawn of SpecialFaces, I wanted to keep my Nike+ Watch face even after editing. Face reverts back to stock after Watch reboot, but editing works and it'll stay as such. I have only tested this for a few hours today. If this doesn't work for you, then oh well.Requirements: Flex 3Image of Patchhttp://m.imgur.com/2vmxtF7Add those values.Second unit: set the BOOL to false and the ID pass through to NULL.Last unit:On the last function also set passthrough to NULL.Not sure if changing them really does anything as I was playing around with it at work.What this did to the Watch App is render the Watch face preview in the section that shows what Watch you have as blank. So you'll see just the Watch, no face. However I've been free to edit the face without it reverting back on my Watch.Don't ask me about Hermes.Flex is the best.Glhf fellow Watch users