Jailbreak tips

IOS 12.1.1 b3 IPSW link.

For those who are stuck on boot loop from Uncover iOS 12 jailbreak use THIS LINK to download and restore while it’s still being signed.

For those of you that updated and have an Apple Watch, don’t forget to install the Apple TV beta profile on your Apple Watch to block updates for the potential jailbreak this fall!.


Here's how to get a Full DarkMessages ( add dark mode to Quick Reply and Quick Compose)

You can 3D Touch on the Electra app to jailbreak

TIL you can 3D Touch on music in Horseshoe to change audio sources as well as get better audio controls.

How to use Semi-Restore Lite for iOS 10.

Instructions for Semi-Restore lite, since no one seems to know how to use executables:1. Install [[MTerminal]] if you don't have it already. Download Semi-Restore lite on your iPhone using Filza (open the link in Safari, tap Open In..., tap Filza). 2. It should save to your documents folder by default. Leave it there if you want to follow these commands exactly as they are written. 3. Open MTerminal, type su[Password is 'alpine', unless you changed it] cd /private/var/mobile/Documents chmod +x SemiRestore10-Lite ./SemiRestore10-LiteThen let it do its thing.

When rejailbreaking your recently downgraded device using p0sixspwn, have iTunes 12.0.1

If you have some guy as an icon then downgrade anemone and don’t post about it. There are like 500 posts already

If you have EasySwitcherX installed, just swipe down any app card in the App Switcher for Power Options.

Title says it all.Edit: What the fuck people are down voting this post for!!!!Stupid kids.

Use Mitsuha Infinity with the home screen add-on to make the music visualizer your dock. (You will have to make the dock transparent and set the visualizer as permanent)