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Resume file types.

When you're emailing your resume to someone, send it in a PDF format. PDFs feel cleaner and easier to read, and your formatting won't get messed up from one computer to the next (varying versions of Word, other word processors, etc...).When you're applying online and sending your resume in to an ATS (Resumator, Taleo, etc...), use .doc or .docx as file types. Keep your resume clean. Avoid tables and columns, and go for simplicity over flair. This will minimize the chances that the ATS will mess up the way it reads your resume.

Before your interview, ask for the salary range upfront.

This saved me a ton of time today from going through an interview process.I make $25 an hour right now as a web designer / dev. It's not amazing money, but it's not awful by any means. I can pay the bills and mortgage.I had an opportunity today for an SEO position. I asked what the pay was.$15 - $19 an hour.In Ontario, minimum wage is $14 an hour. And the average salary for this position in Canada?$49,000 / year.They're asking between $31,000 and $39,000 / year.Let that sink in.For a field where you need a shit ton of knowledge in to be successful, they're paying just barely above minimum wage.Yeah, no thanks.This was also in a big city.I would be looking for at least a $10,000 / year wage if I'm looking to make a move.Anyway, ask for this info upfront. Saved me potential hours of wasted time in gas, probable skill assessments, and overall time.EDIT: not sure why I'm getting down-voted, but anyway.

Super Cool Excel Tips and Tricks For Pro (How To Use Excel PHASE #5)

No matter you’re a pro; still, you haven’t covered all Cool Excel Tips and Tricks existing, and Excel sheets have got much for you to explore. We’re sure that you are unfamiliar with some formula, and it’s also possible that you are taking “long-cuts” for some tasks till now! Hassle ends up here! The following fun Excel tricks will increase your mind’s sharpness to the next level!

Super Cool Excel Tips and Tricks For Semi-Advanced (How To Use Excel PHASE #4)

So, you’re no longer an intermediate, and are familiar with a few cool Excel tips and tricks, which can impress folks! However, you can’t call yourselves a pro yet, because there’s still much to explore. Before acquiring any Excel sheets’ related job, let’s make you perfect!

Super Cool Excel Tips and Tricks For Intermediates (How To Use Excel PHASE #3)

For the intermediates, we’ve got a bunch of 9 tricks! Now, when you’re already an intermediate Excel sheets handler, pushing your level further isn’t tough! Read the following 9 super awesome tricks, and you’ll find yourself much smarter, we bet that!

Super Cool Excel Tips and Tricks For Semi-intermediates (How To Use Excel PHASE #2)

Now, the following Excel tips are for those who are already rolling on with their sheets, but it hasn’t been that long! For you guys, saving time is very easy, as there are numerous tricks available for semi-intermediates! We’ve filtered seven to Cool Excel Tips and Tricks For you! Keep reading!

Super Cool Excel Tips and Tricks For Beginners (How To Use Excel PHASE #1)

Being a beginner in these sheets, you come across several confusions! You need rapid solutions and steps for overcoming any obstacle you’ve come across. Here we bring some simplest, fastest, and modern solutions for you! Learn these, and you’ll find working with excel sheets fun! Most importantly, you’ll be conveniently implementing the following tricks, without even needing to read any of them twice! Selection of rows and columns with a shortcut key Is selecting rows and columns wasting your time? Wait, there’s a shortcut! To select the entire row, just press Shift + Space. To select a column, press Ctrl + Space.

Research the Company and Use Their Products

Importance: [⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐] Just like they’ll do their due diligence on you, researching the company to know what they do and how they operate is a must. Also, double-check if the company’s a match for you. When you get to that interview, you’ll be asked about why you want to join and how you can contribute. Read up on the prospective employer on Glassdoor, for example. Researching the hiring manager who will conduct the interview is much harder. It happens that you only learn who the interviewer is when you walk into the meeting. However, if you can, look them up online. You’ll have a way to make some great, tailored comments and small talk to bond. Also, don’t go into an interview without trying out the products or services that the company offers. You need to prepare for an interview. If they have a blog, read it. If it’s a restaurant, eat there. If they manufacture dish soap, make some bubbly foam. Employers expect you to understand their business, and nothing makes them happier than hiring a fan!

Prepare Questions to Ask Them

Importance: [⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐] Interviews are not all about them getting to know you. In 2018, you have to speak up and come at them with your own questions. You’re bound to hear, “Do you have any questions you’d like to ask?” Don’t give no as an answer. What exactly should you ask your interviewer? How about a few of these: 65 Questions to Ask an Interviewer (Examples for Specific Jobs)