Jobs tips

Pick up offers close to your location

You should pick up orders from locations that are closest to you. Why? You don’t get paid while on your way to grab an order, so try to not exceed an 8-minute drive each time. The delivery fee only covers the time frame between the pick-up and drop-off locations. If an order is too far away from where you are, maybe you should skip it. Also, take into consideration eventual construction work and other factors that might make your journey last longer than what the GPS suggests. It certainly helps if you’re familiar with the streets, as mentioned already.

Check the Postmates Fleet app for hot spots

Have you just moved to the city and you don’t know the popular stores and restaurants? In this case, use the Postmates app to identify all the busy areas and the best times to go online. The darker the dots the better! Stay nearby to receive more orders, and even accept multiple ones. TO BE NOTED: The app uses data collected prior to your shift, so it doesn’t show real-time data. It doesn’t tell you where most of the deliveries are expected when you go online. It only gives you an idea about what places enjoy popularity among customers.

Know your city

Newbies usually rely on GPS to find the right restaurants, stores, cafés and other pick-up (and drop-off) locations when starting out as a delivery driver. Even though navigation systems inform you about the shortest route or even road closures, you should know your city inside out: What are the shortcuts most people don’t know? Which are the busiest roads? What are the most favored places to order from? What are the rush hours? Experienced delivery drivers suggest you don’t waste time by driving around aimlessly. What to do instead? Visit the area (an avenue or a hub) where a number of chains welcome customers. The more you deliver, the more knowledge you acquire about your city—and its popular restaurant, bookstores, supply stores, cafés, and so on.

Sales skills

Account executives are paid big bucks because they know how to sell products and services to customers. If you want to pursue your career as an account executive, you need to have remarkable sales skills.

Presentation skills

Part of communicating effectively is the skill of presentation. Account executives need to share concepts and outcomes with customers and stakeholders, using their excellent presentation skills. They need to know about creating slideshow presentations.

Data organization skills

Like most of the jobs, account executives must know the basics of word processing and spreadsheets software. Their daily job includes dealing with word processing and creating spreadsheets.

Communication skills

First and foremost, outstanding communication skills are necessary to thrive as an account executive. Account executives are required to communicate with clients via phone, email, or in-person. They must convey their message clearly and contribute to sales growth and development.


The most important skill to have to be a successful account executive is to know how to convey your message clearly, professionally, and ethically. A degree in Bachelor of Arts in Communications will teach you these skills with a focus on marketing, media, and advertising.

Business Administration

A Bachelor of Business Administration degree will equip you with the fundamentals of business management, enabling you to apply those fundamentals to real-life situations. These principles go a long way in ensuring your success as an account executive.


Bachelor of Science in Marketing provides you in-depth knowledge of customer attitudes, sale strategies, market research, and business essentials. Graduates are expected to have mastered skills ranging from brand management and advertising to business development and copywriting upon completing the degree. These skills are crucial for account executive jobs.