Life tips

If a battery has leaked a small amount of acid, a swab of vinegar with a Q-tip can save your electronics.

This only works if the acid hasn't started to corrode the metal tabs that the battery touches, but is a fast and simple fix.

If someone offers to pay for a food bill, offer to pay the tip as thanks. You will be seen as a contributor while saving some money, and it will avoid the "no, I'll get it" argument.

Easy teeth cleaning tip.

After drinking potentially damaging beverages (orange juice, coffee, soda), either drink or gargle a small glass of water to wash away the bulk of the residual beverage from before.

Use a Q-Tip to light a candle which has become to difficult to light with a lighter.

Light it on fire and use it to light the wick of your candle. Make sure to wet the Q-Tip before disposing it in the garbage.

Use any shirt as a pillow case when you don't have time to wash it regularly.

Or if you're OCD like me and like to keep your bed clean all the time

Cable Management, Simple Cardboard Box Design

Carry a Very Full Beverage and Reduce the Chance of Spilling It {Server-Pro-Tip}.

This works with standard drinking glasses, cereal bowls, coffee mugs, martinis, etc. DON'T look at said item while carrying it. * This way, your brain isn't worried about over-compensating your hand movement to keep the sloshing that's going on in the glass under control, but rather focused on keeping you walking straight. Your brain will make your hand/wrist/arm a better gyroscope on its own! I picked this LPT while serving at a restaurant. Used to have martinis slosh over the sides almost every time I carried one away from the bar. Stopped happening almost completely after I was told this by a coworker. EDIT: I wonder how many people went and got a glass of something just to try this. Haha.

Amazing tip for deep scratches on computer monitor.

Firstly heres what the scratches looked like originally and heres what they looked like after I applied vaseline! I recently noticed 3 deep scratches on my computer screen. I was devastated at first because it's what I use for gaming and was incredibly distracting. However I managed to make the scratches 95% less visible with this little trick! What I did was I applied Vaseline (normal one) to the scratches and very gently rubbed in. Then I just delicately removed the excess vaseline with a clean, dry cloth (obviously don't use a scratchy cloth!) and bam the scratches are barely visible!I am so happy with the result. You can just about see the scratches on a plain colour but on a multicolored background the scratches really are invisible. I don't notice them at all while gaming anymore. Hope this helps someone!

To dry out the inside of wet boots, if you don't have a hot air vent or fireplace, crumple up dry newspaper and stuff inside. Wait for a few hours and replace the newspaper until the boot is dry. Thanks for the tip Mom!

Procrastination tip.

Make a promise to yourself to work on something for 5, 10, or 20 minutes without distractions. This tricks you into getting started on a task. Once you realize you're "in it," you may already be on a roll.Edit: Some misplaced words of haste.