Life tips

If you are uncomfortable looking people in their eyes or you meet someone who is "crosseyed" simply focus on the tip of their nose. Focusing on someone's nose gives the illusion you are looking them directly in their eyes.

Take a picture of your filled out and signed receipt including the tip line. It will prevent dishonest servers/bartenders from editing your tip and effectively changing your bill.

And also, if you pay in card and tip in cash, write "cash" on the tip line.

If your gel pen keeps skipping or won't write but there's clearly ink left, put the tip in rubbing alcohol to remove any dried ink that could be clogging it up.

Put the heaviest items in the very front of your shopping cart so it doesn't tip up while you're riding it like a dog sled through the parking lot back to your vehicle.

Beach tip #4: Use baby powder to easily brush off sand before you get in the car

Use toothpaste to remove egg-dye stains from your fingers and hands.

My son and I just did this and worked like a charm. Not to mention the minty fresh scent!

If you’re thinking about posting a life pro tip, take a second to make sure the “tip” you’re posting isn’t just absolute common knowledge.

For example, a pro tip telling people to do messy house work in dirty clothes and showering afterwards (not before - imagine that!) is not a life pro tip, it’s common sense. Protect the integrity of this sub!

If you gotta send lots of stuff cross country (USA), box it into 50lb segments and send it via Amtrak. I sent a drumkit from Boston to San Diego for $175. UPS wanted like $600. Just make sure to tip the cargo counter folks with all the bucks you save.

When looking for cover letter examples, look on google images.

Looking for cover letter samples on just google search turns up a bunch of blog websites on how to write a cover letter and cover letter writing services. When looking through images you can often find well-made cover letter examples and view more of them in a shorter amount of time. Good luck on the search! :)

Always read the comments of a life pro tip, because more often than not, it's not particularly great advice.