Life tips

[Men Only] Gently squeeze the tip of your dick once before peeing to prevent offshoot streams.

Figured this one out after a stream went almost 90 degrees and hit my cat in the face.

Small tip for staying warmer in the morning.

If you live a cold area, place your clothes, especially socks and underwear, on or near a heater before your morning shower. They'll be nice and warm by the time you're ready to actually put them on.

Fascinating little Tip for doing percentages: - : x% of y = y% of x.

So, for example, if you needed to work out 4% of 75 in your head, just flip it and and do 75% of 4, which is easier.

The best tip to buying nice gifts is always to be looking. Don't wait until a week before to think about a present! Buy it when you find it, you will hold onto it for longer, but the result will be much better!.

Whenever I find something that I can just see my friend or partner screaming with joy, i think about acquiring it.Even if i hold 1 month with it, it will be worth it, because i know it is what they wanted, and not some last time present.Just bought 2 xmas presents this month

Next time you stub your toes pinch the tip of your foreskin as hard as you can between your thumb and index finger

Here's an actual Life Pro Tip for you to use for phone scammers! 1.They usually talk first, so wait after you pick up. 2 DO NOT SAY YES OR NO TO ANYTHING. Here in australia around Tax time, scammers use your voice saying "Yes" and or "No" to social engineer other companies you're with!

If you know you're going to stay for a few drinks and tip a few dollars for each drink, throw down a $5 or a $10 as a tip on the first drink - so the bartender treats you like VIP for the whole time you're there.

I don't mean to suggest you shouldn't leave any more tip other than the initial $5 or $10.Just saying, it's good strategy to start with the $5 and "anchor" in the bartender's mind the idea that you're a generous tipper who deserves great drinks and priority service. S/he will pour a little more whiskey each time, notice right away when you need a new drink, etc.

Do you STUTTER on certain words? Here's a cool tip on how to say them without stuttering.

Here's a video that recently popped up on my youtube feed, where music artist Scroobius Pip explains the simple tip that will help you to say certain words you have problem to say without stuttering.Try it, and give him feedback if you want edit: To the direct time where he gives the tip: link

When ordering pizza delivery online, don't tip your driver in advance. You'll get better service.

This is especially important if you plan to tip a low amount. Regardless of your personal politics toward tipping, if you tell someone in advance that they won't be getting much in return for their service then they are less likely to give you good service. Even if you plan to tip well, disclosing the amount in advance can have the same effect of diminished service quality. This applies to tipping in general, actually.