Life tips

When you have pins and needles in your hands, move your head from side to side.

A tingly hand or arm is often the result of compression in the bundle of nerves in your neck; loosening your neck muscles releases the pressure.

Link Submission Shortcut

Send assignments as a DropBox link. This gives you a chance for any last minute changes.

Dropbox sends a link to the file on the server. The file can be altered or updated and the link is still the same. This allows for last minute changes and edits, assuming your professor hasn't saved a local copy of the file. ;)

Add a dollar sign to both the tip and the total line when signing a bar receipt. This will prevent bartenders with no scruples from skinning your rubles.

Before i started doing this, a bartender at my favorite bar straight up padded his addiction wallet by writing in a fatter tip. I probably lost about 300 bucks i didn't spend before i caught on. Once i started putting $ in front of my dollar amount, it stopped.

To read a not so well formatted comment, use RES source link (found under the comment).

You get the commenter's intended formatting.

Tip for learning (and actually remembering) geography.

Rotate the map. Or if you're like me, in Google Earth rotate the globe so that north is longer pointing up. (On a flat map, this would be like rotating the piece of paper so that South America is on the left and North America is on the right.)I find that this makes familiar shapes just different enough so that I start to really look closer at the distinguishing features. I find that I also appreciate the relative positions of things a lot more once I've looked at the globe at different rotations (and with the "camera" in many different positions).And, like in any healthy relationship, change it up from time to time and try different rotations and positions.

Create a 'tip jar' for yourself. Put the change in your wallet in it everyday.

I made a tip jar for myself. I currently use a credit card holder and change is always loose in my pockets. So if I have any change when I get home I just put it in the tip jar. This way I am able to save up a couple of hundred bucks a year.

If your cheap ballpoint pen isn't writing but has ink in it, get a cigarette lighter and put the tip of the pen in the fire for a couple seconds and it should write no problem!.

This has saved me so much over time when it comes to pens and if you teach people this, they won't have the need to steal your pens anymore!