Life tips

Don’t resist, go with the flow

Rumi sums is up beautifully: “Try not to resist the changes that come your way. Instead let life live through you. And do not worry that your life is turning upside down. How do you know that the side you are used to is better than the one to come?”

Be observant

The ancient Stoics had a penchant for observing nature then applying the principles garnered to develop themselves.  Seek wisdom through observation and you too will learn useful insights about yourself, and the world around you.

Have discerning taste

If it makes you cringe or evokes any type of negative feeling when you look at it, it should go immediately. If it doesn’t bring about a feeling of joy or other positive emotion, toss it. Work on refining your taste so the things in your life are curated around legitimate needs and wants.

Just sleep on it

Sleep hygiene works hand-in-hand with all of the other elements of health to keep your mind and body operating at peak performance. It must be prioritized, even if you have to change your mindset and routine to do so.

Manage your expectations

Do you tend to have very high expectations or make unrealistic assumptions? When there’s a big gap between what you want or expect and reality, it causes anxiety, frustration, and discord. You can have dreams, hopes, and beliefs, but better that they are sensible.

Repurpose Dryer Sheets

Even after they’ve been used, dryer sheets can work magic around your house. Here are some things they can do:

  • Buff water spots from mirrors, bathroom/kitchen fixtures and shower doors
  • Remove the ring inside the toilet
  • Wipe baseboards clean

Be strategic in life and work

Incorporate strategic planning into your day-to-day so you can push the things that bring success (and stop the things that aren’t working). Always think before acting. Execution is useless without the plan that rationalizes it, and process that guides it.

Remove Grease Stains

To clean grease stains from carpet or other surfaces, mix four parts rubbing alcohol with one part salt and rub the mixture into the stain. Let the surface dry and then vacuum up any remaining salt if necessary.

Use Toothpaste To Clean Sneakers

All you need is an old toothbrush and a little white toothpaste to get the white parts of your sneakers looking like new again!

Check in on Your Training Missions and Complete as Many as You Can Everyday

• Clicking on the “Training” tab transports you to a menu full of tasks you need to complete. These training missions change on a daily basis, so try to complete all of them in one sitting if you’re up to it. Each completed mission means you’ll get mastery points, New Dollars, Camp Contribution currency, and Training Medals. Upgrade your Crafting mastery level, by the way. Higher levels in that area lets you unlock new item purchasing options in the Market within the Training menu option. See Also

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