Life tips

How to Cross Out Writing

If you don’t want others to be able to read crossed out words, don’t scribble over them. Instead, write random numbers and letters over them.

How to Clean Hazy Car Headlights

Do you have hazy car headlights? Use this real life hack and clean them with toothpaste.

How to Stash Your Cash

This amazing life hack is perfect for vacations or nights out on the town. Clean out an old chapstick tube and hide your cash in it.

How to Take Out the Trash – Suction Free

You know how trash bags don’t come out of the can easily because the vacuum creates suction? Not anymore with this simple life hack. Drill some holes into the bottom of your can to let air flow freely.

How to Test Battery Life

If you drop batteries onto a table and they bounce once and fall over, they’re good. If they bounce more than once, they’re probably dead or on the way out.

How to Cut Soft Foods

This top life hack will help you cut food like a professional chef. Use some unscented floss to cut soft foods cleanly.

How to Easily Peel a Boiled Egg

This amazing life hack will save you time and mess! Add a teaspoon of baking soda to the water and eggshells will come off effortlessly.

How to Reseal Plastic Food Bags

Use this simple life hack whenever you run out of tupperware. Just cut the top off a plastic bottle and use it to create an air-tight seal.

How to Improve Your Iced Coffee

If you love iced coffee, you probably don’t like it to be watered down by ice cubes. So, why not make coffee ice cubes? Use this cool life hack to never water down your iced coffee again.

How to Prevent Car Door Dings

All you need is an old pool noodle for this simple life hack. Attach it to your garage wall to prevent damaging your car.