Minecraft tips

Removing Mycelium & Optifine.

If you are attempting to remove mycelium or grass by flooding it, and you are using optifine, make sure that the 'Clear Water' feature is turned OFF. It's not simply a visual feature, it actually allows more light to go through water which means grass and mycelium will not die underwater.Figured I'd post this here in case anyone else was banging their heads against the wall, wondering "WHY WON'T THIS PURPLE S**T DIE ALREADY?!!?" c:

You can do /gamerule maxEntityCramming 0 in 1.10 to disable it in 1.11.

Instead of making a backup of your map and edit the level.dat, or modify it, you can simply run /gamerule maxEntityCramming 0 in a 1.10, and it'll work in 1.11, without damaging any entities.

When starting out in a world with no food if there's a village nearby collect the Hay bales, I got this much bread from just one fairly normal sized village

A solution to getting lost in caves!

If you alternate the rotation of crimson and warped logs in a grid pattern, you can get this really interesting vein-y pattern. It could look good in hellish or fantasy builds. Works with the hyphae too!

For anyone who hasn't yet bought minecraft, today (Nov.17) is the last day to get it 25% off.

Minecraft is 25% off during beta, and it leaves beta tomorrow on Nov. 18. I've been playing since Alpha (maybe a couple months before beta) and I can't believe the game is finally getting released. In a way, it's sad, but it also opens up many new doors.

Sand and sandstone slabs/stairs (which kinda look like grain in vanilla) can be a great realistic addition to the inside of a windmill.

Subtitles can be used as a sort of metal detector for underground mineshafts.

I am not sure how well known this is, but if you activate subtitles in the audio options of the game, you will be able to find underground mineshafts. When you are walking around on the surface over an underground mineshaft, the subtitles will display the caption, "Minecart rolls". If you dig down and have a look around, voila! Mineshaft.