Minecraft tips

Use vines with ladders to make a platform for getting off

Use a iron/diamond stone pickaxe to start breaking a coal or iron block, switch to a stone pickaxe at the last moment to save a use on your nice pick.

That is all. : P

Hoppers are great one-block transitions between fences and full blocks. Here's an example of street lights.

When it's raining, look directly up. (and set fog to tiny..).

WAAARRRPPPSSSPPEEEEEEDDD! (Also, its beautiful. Would anyone be willing to make a screensaver out of it?)EDIT: Do it at night :)

The ‘pick block’ control isn’t set by default. Once set just hover over a block in the world and press the control to pick the block out of your inventory if you have it. Saves a lot of time from opening your inventory and moving things around.

Add this Command to your reset circuit to decrease lag in PvP games.

Add a Command Block with this Command to your redstone circuit that resets your arena after a game: /kill @e[type=Arrow]This will cause any arrows left in the arena to despawn. This is useful for decreasing the lag that can accumulate between rounds due to glitched arrows that won't despawn.(requires 1.8)

If you want a colorful beacon without seeing the glass use stained glass

Use wooden buttons on green terracotta and green concrete to make a nice looking cactus.


If you idle with the Pause screen, Minecraft will continue loading up your new area, leading to better performance when you unpause.