Minecraft tips

Type in this seed: "villagers are kinda sexy tbh" and walk southeast. You'll find two villages right next to each other. Don't ask...

Map out your bridges with lily pads.

If your build doesn't look good just add some leaves to it :)

Planting trees in holes two holes deep allows only megatrees to grow.

Mind you, this can take a much longer time for trees to sprout.**Edit:**I hate how the megatrees make lumber much harder to collect without using scaffolding. This makes them be effectively shorter, so you can reach the lumber without climbing.The problem with holes two units deep is that you can't climb out of them easily (you need to hop down there to get the two bottom pieces of lumber.) So I actually remove three ground pieces, one hole two units deep, one hole one deep immediately next to it.

Be efficient with half-slabs!.

In the new snapshot, upper half-slabs are easy to place. Use the slabs as floor and roof. You'll use 50% of what you normally would. Try it out! It's great!

Try glass and water to spice things up

These Are Easier Built From the Ground Up

Use redstone to find your way back to the entrance of a long cave, just like Theseus with Ariadne's string!

You can make different kinds of animals follow you at the same time by putting the 2nd food item in your shield slot.

Wall vines spreading more than you wanted? Tame them with buttons!