Minecraft tips

Motion Sensor

When a mob comes around, you got to know about it. But, how would you do that? You can set planks which they will cross before they come to you. And, that will make noises (of walking). However, you need to raise the volume to the maximum limit in order to easily detect the movement of mobs in your vicinity.

Set the spawn point

If your home isn’t anywhere near where you are exploring – spawning back at your home will be bad choice. You will have to travel again to get to the same point. But, as a secret Minecraft trick – you can make a bed if you want to quickly set a spawn point anywhere you want. You just need to have 3 wool and 3 planks – and you will have your bed ready. In addition to the bed, you have to sleep on it for a night – and then that point will become one of your spawn points.

Collect sand without Shovel

This is an experimental tip for Minecraft – which can be a bit tough to follow. Instead of using a shovel to collect sand, you can use a torch. Of course, a shovel is necessary – however, if you want to keep it intact and not decrease its durability, you have to explore alternatives. To do this, you just have to remove the bottom block of any pillar-like structure and while they do this – keep the torch ready. Once done, place the torch on the floor of the block. Now, the block above will convert to sand. Do note that you don’t have to rush – or else you might end up with a broken torch. Also Read: 1800+ Cool Minecraft Usernames and Minecraft Name Ideas

Use the coordinates feature

In the game settings, turn on the coordinates. Whenever you’re playing, sit down with a notepad or take screenshots of important places so that you have their coordinates and can come back if you need to. These important places could be your main base, a village, a stronghold or any other structure to which you intend to return to.

Increase an object’s size

Our first tip is a very simple one and will help you out if you want to increase the size of any object. All you need to do is to select the object by left-clicking on it with your mice and then press the “Shift” and the “[“ keys at the same time. The objects can be increased or reduced in size as many times as you like, which might create some pretty absurd situations.