Minecraft tips

The release is pretty much set in stone. NONE of your suggestions are going to happen any time soon.


Ghast explosions can extinguish portals.

Got jumped by a Ghast while trying to build a fort in the Nethers. I got him, but he took out not only part of the floor I was working on right next to the portal, but also managed to extinguish the portal itself. It relit just fine, but since I'm not seeing any flint or steel over there... pack accordingly. tl;dr - always pack a flint and steel when crossing over.

Set your drop key as "o" instead of "q".

It keeps you from accidentally throwing valuable objects away. I've been doing it for years so I felt like it would be common, yet I still see youtubers throwing things on the ground all the time. Hope this helps someone.Edit: For everyone who has tips such as don't suck. I saw Etho throw an item in his latest video, and he is undoubtedly really good at this game, PvP included.

If your exploring abandoned mines and want the rails, use a bucket of water.

Use water to remove cobwebs.

It is faster and saves your sword from being wasted on an irritating Obstacle

Bind inventory to the E key

Use spectral arrows in item frames to indicate the direction of a water elevator

By building your build upside down through a layer of glass, you can make it look like a reflection :)

Always put your redstone on sponges to protect it from freak water accidents.