Minecraft tips

If you have a set of stairs and want them to look chipped, but them sideways!.


To create a hanged in a survival world without using barrier blocks, you can use a carpet on a string. In this example I made, I used a string and a carpet, but it's hard to notice it!

Use function blocks as decorations in your storage system to blend them in and remove obstruction

When a Zombie turns into a Drowned it drops all of its equipped items at 100% health!

Use scaffolding to easily harvest giant trees!

While holding Left Click while mining, double tap your Inventory Key.

What this does is keeps you as mining when you go into your inventory, it stops the current block you are on, but when you return to your game you won't be swinging, instead you'll be standing there breaking blocks. This is nice, because if you are say clearing a trees leaves that were left behind and you keep miss swinging, it doesn't count the miss swing and immediately goes to mining the block instead of taking that half a second or so. Really, this is a minor time saver but I find it useful if I'm going for speed and want to clear something out nice and fast.Edit: Thought I should mention, if you haven't turned your Inventory key from I to something more local, like E, do it. Another time saver, keeps your hand on the mouse and you can always keep walking.

Never go hungry again underground!.

When mining, take a lot of bones, a couple dirt, a hoe, grass seed, and a workbench. Bam, instant bread.

F6 and F7 are 'time control' buttons... you can fast-forward through day or night!

You can put a light source under a trapdoor, slab, carpet, and more. The room will still be lit up! So say, "Bye!" to all of those ugly light sources!