Minimalism tips

Do what you want, just do no harm

Finish off your year of minimalism with this simple motto that takes the complexity out of ethical dilemmas by granting you freedom to live by your own rules — so long as they don’t impede on anyone else.

Learn from the mistakes of others

You don’t have to put your hand in the fire to know you will be burned. A simple way to avoid setbacks is to watch those ahead of you. Sure, we learn from failure, but making avoidable mistakes isn’t a requirement for earning your stripes.

Be mindful and in the moment

You can’t change the past or predict the future, so try not to let what was or what could be disrupt what is.  Live in the present and be appreciative of right now, since it’s what you can control.

Manage your “wheel of life

The wheel of life helps you map out each area of your life and easily evaluate whether it’s in line with your overarching vision. It’s an excellent developmental tactic that helps you identify themes that need attention so they don’t disproportionately distract or hinder your progress.

Downgrade digital distractions

Be diligent in your use if technology. After determining your short list of minimal apps and useful online sites and services, cut out the rest. The pervasiveness of devices leads to an overload of stimuli that distracts and disengages. Minimalist living tips and tricks cannot be complete without addressing the digital aspects of our life. We’ve found that the digital organization tool called to be extremely helpful in eliminating clutter and distractions on all our devices. Make sure you read our review of

Practice Gratitude

You’ve heard this a million times before, but that’s because it works. Practicing gratitude is an incredible happiness booster and positive thinking restructures your brain.

Live a life of consequence

A life of consequence is one with clarity of purpose and a values-based plan for fulfilling it. Design your life and get personalized recommendations on how to find and pursue meaning.

Don’t resist, go with the flow

Rumi sums is up beautifully: “Try not to resist the changes that come your way. Instead let life live through you. And do not worry that your life is turning upside down. How do you know that the side you are used to is better than the one to come?”

Be observant

The ancient Stoics had a penchant for observing nature then applying the principles garnered to develop themselves.  Seek wisdom through observation and you too will learn useful insights about yourself, and the world around you.

Have discerning taste

If it makes you cringe or evokes any type of negative feeling when you look at it, it should go immediately. If it doesn’t bring about a feeling of joy or other positive emotion, toss it. Work on refining your taste so the things in your life are curated around legitimate needs and wants.