Minimalism tips

Appreciate what you don’t have

Focusing on what we don’t have tends to cause discontentment. But there’s a trick that can flip this tendency into a source of happiness. What are the things you don’t have that make life better? Reflect on those for a moment.

Decrease so you can increase

The act of eliminating the inconsequential suddenly frees up time, money, and energy to go all in on what matters most to you. Simplifying doesn’t feel like a loss because of all you gain in return.

Do absolutely nothing

I have a wonderful tip for moments when you are restless, bored, confused, or at a standstill. Keep standing still. Being still, with no particular goal or agenda, is a legitimate activity. And it serves as a wonderful means of balancing constant moving and doing.

Simplify decision making

Too many decisions take up our mental capacity and can be draining, if not debilitating. Simple living is about knowing what matters most to you in life and easing the burden of choice. You’ll be surprised at how a little self-awareness, clarity, and focus, can chisel your decision-making skills.

Master the art of procrastination

No, you can’t give the middle finger to everything in your life – but when you have a strong resistance towards doing perhaps it’s a sign that you should give in to procrastination and just try being. It seems counterintuitive as a minimalist trick, but it works wonders.

Understand opportunity costs

Every action has a consequence, but you can be blind to the potential outcomes if you approach decision-making in a narrow-minded way. Sharpen you strategic skills so you have a good grasp of the real trade-offs you’re making when you choose one thing over another.

Accept mediocrity sometimes

You can’t be the best at everything — and you aren’t a slacker if you accept that as a fact. Striving for excellence is a beautiful pursuit until you start believing you have to be perfect at all times.

Simplify your travel

Vacations can quickly become stressful especially when we complicate them. You can simplify your travel planning in three ways: learn how to pack light, don’t over plan your itinerary, relax your expectations and explore with an open mind.

Learn how to be content

Perpetual dissatisfaction is the antithesis to minimalism because it’s the inability to be at ease with your current lot.  We all want to thrive but should beware of our desires becoming insatiable. It’s the extreme quest for more that leads to discontentment.

Build a minimalist wardrobe

You’ve probably heard that many public figures wear the same thing all the time. Why? Because it eases decision-making and allows you to efficiently allocate your resources (time, energy, money) to more pressing matters. One of the best ways to build an effortless style is via a minimalist wardrobe.