Minimalism tips

Ditch the hardware

If you're able, remove any hardware from cabinets and cupboards to give a smooth, clean look finish them. Remember, you're trying to get rid of things and, even though the hardware isn't necessarily cluttering, it is another item that draws attention. If you're not able to completely remove the hardware, you can switch it out with something plain. Try to find hardware in the same color as the cabinet to give the least amount of variation.

Keep lighting straightforward

There are plenty of different light fixtures and sources to choose from, just keep it straightforward — nothing intricate. Use modest lighting pieces, like basic lamps or track lights for overhead fixtures.

Choose furniture with nothing underneath

When picking your couches, chairs, bedframe and coffee table, you'll want to stick with pieces that show the legs and are open underneath. These pieces look sleeker and don't give an illusion of hiding anything underneath, which will make your apartment look cleaner and larger.

Add opaque drapes

Opaque fabrics look heavier than those that are sheer, which will play to your advantage when going for a minimalist vibe. Light, airy textiles are often associated with bohemian or beachy decor, but using a heavier, opaque fabric for your drapes will bring a little more seriousness to your apartment.

Limit the metallics

Having too much shiny metal in a room isn't ideal for a minimalist apartment. It's okay to have some gold or silver incorporated in smaller ways but avoid larger pieces that are mostly metallic, like a silver lamp or gold side table. Instead, use them sparingly and opt for more matte or satin finishes on furniture and decor.

Use thin picture frames

Picture frames change the look of the images they hold and entire rooms. For minimalist decor, you'll want to steer clear of elaborate, chunky frames and select thin, unembellished frames to maintain a modest look.

Utilize geometric patterns

While you're trying to keep things as simple as possible, it's okay to use patterns as long as they're not too crazy. Symmetric geometric patterns are perfect for this and can give character to any room while still providing balance and clean lines.

Go monochromatic

To keep your colors simple, try a monochromatic scheme. You'll still get some diversity with different shades being lighter and darker, but you won't have to worry about it being too complex with lots of colors.

Add a pendant light

Using a plain pendant light will add a little more style to your apartment without going overboard. A sleek pendant will keep lines clean in the room versus something like a complicated chandelier.

Pick dual-function furniture

When you're trying to save space and get rid of the unnecessary, it doesn't mean you need to give up functionality. Choose furniture with more than one function, like a coffee table that also has storage space or a set of nesting side tables.