Music tips

How to Create Playlists in Apple Music

While Apple creates excellently curated playlists of music on their own, you can create yours too. Tap on the Library tab in the bottom bar and select New Playlist option. Give your playlist a name, description, and album cover. If you leave the cover empty, Apple Music will create a cover based on the first few songs you add to it. Speaking of adding songs, tap on Add Music right below to begin adding music tracks to your newly created playlist.

How to Delete Songs in Apple Music

You can delete both songs and playlists in Apple Music. Open either of them and tap on the three-dot menu icon to select the Delete from library option. Note that if you have added an entire playlist, you can’t delete an individual song from it. You can only delete songs from your own playlist.

How to Add to Library in Apple Music

Liked a song or a curated playlist on Apple Music? You can easily add it to your library by tapping on the + icon next to the song that’s playing. Tapping on that will only add the song and not the entire playlist. To add the entire playlist to your library, tap on the Add button with the + icon on it at the top of the playlist. That’s where you can see more details about the playlist itself. Whether it is a song or a playlist, if it is already added to your library, you will see a cloud icon with a downward-facing arrow. Tapping on that will now begin the download.

How to Add Family in Apple Music

You will need an Apple ID and an Apple Music family subscription before you can add family members to Apple Music. That’s because Apple Music is tied in deeply with the rest of the Apple ecosystem. Tap on your profile name or iCloud settings in the Settings app to find Set Up Family Sharing option. Follow the on-screen instructions after that to set it up. Once the family sharing has been set up, open it again and this time, tap on Add a new family member. Follow on-screen instructions after that and you are done.

How to Fast Forward in Apple Music

There are two ways to rewind and fast forward songs in Apple Music. Open the Now playing area where you can view song playing, album art, and other options. One way is to use the slider to move forward or rewind a song quickly. Another way is to tap and hold one of the two arrow buttons there. The right arrow will fast forward while the left one will rewind. Tap on it once to change songs in the playlist.

In-game FPS

It’s always a nice option to have FPS displayed on the Screen. Steam has this option in the Settings, you can enable it and it shows FPS on the corner of the display. The info is small enough to not obstruct your gaming experience. I like it. To turn on the FPS, navigate to Settings > In-Game > In-game FPS counter > Turn on. Also Read: 2019 Nvidia Shield TV Tips, Tricks, and Features

Use a Console controller to play Games

While all steam games supports keyboard and mouse, I prefer to use the PS4 controller instead. The good news is that Steam supports PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and many more controllers natively. You can simply connect one to your computer using a USB cable or Bluetooth and start playing. However, you should always check if the game has controller support built-in to ensure that your game would work without much effort. You can also customize the controller to work in the Steam Client app so that you can easily navigate the interface and even launch different games. To customize the controller settings, navigate to Settings > Controller > General Controller Configuration > Choose your Controller > OK. Must Read: How to Use the PS4 Controller Touchpad on PC with DS4Windows?

Stream your Games to TV

I prefer comfort while gaming and you can take it to the next level by streaming your games directly to your living room TV with Steam. You can do that by installing the Steam Link app on your Smart TV and pair your controller to the TV and open a bag of Doritos. It’s game time. You would have to keep your PC turned on and logged in the entire time as the actual processing happens on the PC. Related: 8 Best Live Streaming Apps for Android and iOS In case you can’t install apps on your TV directly, you can use a Raspberry Pi, Apple TV, or any other Android TV box to install the Steam Link app and then stream your games on TV using those devices.

Go Big Picture

Steam has a feature called Big Picture mode, which offers a custom UI for big screens aks TVs. So, instead of showing you a similar screen, it shows a controller friendly UI that would let you navigate all the Steam features and play games with just the controller. Think of it as the console-style navigation Steam. You can enable the Big picture mode by clicking the View button on the menu bar and selecting Big Picture mode.

Broadcast your Games Live

Twitch and YouTube Gaming are one of the most popular streaming platforms that allow you to showcase your gaming skills to the world. Steam broadcast aims to be a worthy competitor to those services. You can start broadcasting your games without any additional hardware. Yes, Steam client does everything from recording, encoding and uploading the feed to the internet, the only thing you need to do is press the play button. You can watch other people’s broadcasts on the Steam community website. To enable the broadcasting, go to Settings> Broadcast> Drop Down> Anyone can watch my games> OK. However, there is one catch with this feature. You will have to spend at least $5 on your Steam account to be able to start broadcasting your games.