Noflair tips

Put Moon Bracer on your Healer.

This is probably common knowledge to experienced players, but I haven't seen it written anywhere, and I often see healers in my companion list without it, so I figured I would share. Moon Bracer casts Auto-Shell, which is, effectively, a permanent 20% bonus to SPR. For instance, my Lenna shows 264 SPR in stats, but I can count on that to be 284 with Moon Bracer on. You get the Moon Bracer as a reward for completing Colosseum level Beginner S-4.

Remember to swap your Friend Lead to the Event units with bonus currency!.

Hey guys, As the event has been out for a couple hours now, you should have noticed that without bonus units, the currency drop is pretty shitty.If you managed to pull any of the event's bonus units, please set them as you lead for these 2 weeks, as this will help all of your friends currently farming immensely.Now back to the grind!

Regarding Rerolls on the Player's Choice Banner.

This following week is going to be the best one while to reroll, and easily get a well rounded team, so if you just started this week or is still rerolling for a better starting comp, this is your best chance, specially since We're midway through the download celebration which gives 5 additional summon tickets:* Both Chizuru and Cloud of Darkness are Barrage (strongest ability in the game as of now) users and have a 6* version in the future. * Warrior of Light has that sweet Full Break, turning any current bos fights into a joke, and also doubles as a tank. * Lenna is currently the best healer/phys sup in GL, and has one of the best healer TMs.* Kefka is also a very good mage with his signature non elemental spell Hyperdrive.So, if you're new and start now, wait for Friday to drop by and reroll away!

Get a Seed of Hope on Wilhelm.

Just in case you hadn't noticed (or are sick and tired of easy raids like I am), the farmable TMR Seed of Hope from all the Reimis you're getting off of raid summons is a perfect counterpart to Wilhelm. 10% HP and the other half of his Ribbon makes slotting it to him a no-brainer.May your pulls be rainbows!

Monastery Pro gives 650 rank for 10 energy (65 rank/nrg), the highest ever seen.

This is the place to farm rank! Even ADV and INT are better than story mode. The best we've seen so far is 46 rank/nrg, which is Alluring Winds.Elite is 850 for 15 (53.33 per) Adv is 365 for 7 (52.14 per) Int is 250 for 5 (50.00 per) Beg is 105 for 3 (35.00 per)