Oneplus tips

Call Recording

OnePlus has added the feature to record calls natively on the Nord so you can record the incoming as well as outgoing calls on the phone. However, you have to bear with the “This call has been recorded” voice prompt, which is automatically played when you tap on the call record option. To access the call recording option you will an option on the call screen. Just select the “Record” button and the call will start recording. Also Read: Top 5 Screen Recorder Apps For Android

Ambient Display

AMOLED displays come with capabilities to light up only those pixels that are needed, and to take full advantage of this, the OnePlus Nord features the ambient display option. The Ambient display option allows users to have a sneak peek at the unread notifications, time, battery level, etc by just picking up the phone. To enable this option, simply go to the display sub-menu and enable ambient display. Also Read: How To Filter Netflix Kids Shows By Title And Age!

Secret Hidden Space

This might be the most useful feature on the phone and this can hide your apps and personal files. The OxygenOS on the OnePlus Nord has an excellent feature that helps you to keep things private. Once the Hidden space is set up you can hide applications like WhatsApp, Google photos, etc. This hidden space can only be accessed with your fingerprint or pin. Moreover, to hide photos, videos, docs, and similar stuff, OnePlus Nord has something called LockBox. You can find the Lock Box option in the File Manager app. To hide the files, just select the files you want to hide and add them to the Lockbox. In case you want to access them, go to the LockBox options, enter the security pin, and view the hidden files. Also read: OnePlus Mobile Price List In India

Ambient Display

Most of us pick up our phones to check notifications even if it doesn’t flash on the device. You pick up the device and press the lock button to turn on the screen for a quick look. OnePlus 6T like most Android phones comes with “Ambient Display” which turns the screen on and shows a quick notification with just a tap or lift. This especially comes in handy if you wish to check your phone at night. But, for some strange reason, this setting turned off by default. Thankfully, you can easily choose the trigger ‘pick up’ or ‘tap’ to turn up the ambient display and select different clock styles. Go to Settings and search for Display and then choose Ambient display from there to turn it ON. Alternatively, you can also search for Ambient display in the search bar of Settings.

Alert Slider

OnePlus took the inspiration from Apple’s switch and improved it further as the Alert slider. It’s a physical button which slides in three settings: Silent, Vibration, and Ring. On the silent mode, only the alarms ring by default and media volume is set to mute. You can toggle the media volume control and unmute it. On the Ring mode, the phone plays a ringtone whenever you receive a call or a notification. You can toggle the vibration ON or OFF for calls in the settings. While you don’t need to set it up to work but you can edit the features on each of these settings. To find the alert slider settings, go to Settings and type alert slider in the search bar on top and tap the alert slider option.

Default Bar

The default bar on the OnePlus 6T comes with three buttons: Back, Home and Recent, which might feel too mainstream. Fortunately, you can customize the bar by swapping the back button with the Recent button. Simply go to Settings > Buttons & Gestures > Navigation bar and gestures > Navigation bar customization > Swap buttons. You can hide the navigation by adding a lock button on the navigation bar. When activated, it shows a small button on the left corner of the navigation bar. To unlock the navigation bar, long press the button to lock. To lock the navigation bar in place, swipe up from the bottom of the screen to show the navigation bar and long press the lock button on the left corner of the navigation bar.

Two Button Bar

The two button navigation bar is quite slick and offers a better control layout. You get a home button and a back button which you can swap sides just like the default style bar. With the Recent button missing, to open up the Recent apps, press and swipe up the home button to the top as shown the animation below. Pretty slick, eh?

Navigation Gestures

OnePlus 6T also includes navigation gestures that were introduced first on iPhone X. Nevertheless, its great to see navigation gestures on OnePlus 6T and you can activate the gestures by navigating through the settings like this. Go to Settings > Buttons & Gestures> Navigation bar and gestures > Navigation gestures.

Long Press and Double Tap Triggers

You can customize the home, back, and Recents buttons to trigger apps and actions. For example, long pressing the home button opens up Google assistant, as you see with most Android phones. Similarly, You can set an action on both back and Recents button too. Simply go to Settings > Buttons & gestures > Navigation bar and gestures > Navigation bar customization > Long press action/ double-tap action.

Three Finger Screenshot

Three finger screenshot is yet another cool feature which I think more smartphone manufacturers should implement. Pressing two buttons simultaneously continues to be taxing when you don’t sync the buttons and it turns the volume down instead or takes you to the home screen. With this gesture turned on you would be able to take screenshots with a swipe of three fingers down the screen, now this I can get behind.