Overwatch tips

Use your main(s).

If your main(s) has been taken by someone who has a decent hero pool, please voice out. I have seen countless people play at a terrible level because they were forced into using a hero to match the line up.e.g DPS mains using Lucio and dying because they're constantly out of position.Mercy main missing every shot as Ana because Mercy was already picked.Forcing yourself to use a hero/role that you're not used to causes you to play way below your usual level. Just tell your team and I'm sure that they can switch their picks to work around it.

Place your Concussion Mine on the door of the ship at the start.

On any koth map you can place your mine at the start like so: http://imgur.com/H8B8hPwBefore the game starts you get another mine off cooldown. You can then use the door mine to jump and then chain another one. This gets you faster to the middle and it's especially useful on some maps (exception being the indoor part of Leijang Tower, as you would hit the wall above the gate with the second jump).

Do not shield sleeping allies!.

I've been there many times before; my ally gets slept mid team fight and my instant reaction as Zarya is to pop a bubble on them straight away. DON'T DO IT! In doing this, you are helping the enemy team by ensuring your ally stays asleep for as long as possible. Instead, just keep an eye on them. The enemy will try to co-operate and burst the sleeping target down. It's your job to shield immediately after the first chunk of damage has been dealt but before they can complete the combo and do enough damage to eliminate your team mate. TL;DR: Don't shield sleeping teammates as Zarya! EDIT: .... or maybe do.Zarya shields are tricky to get right. Situational awareness is key.

When Arcade Loot Box rewards get reset next week. Be sure to WAIT to play arcade to receive them until AFTER the Christmas event launches. That way you get rewarded with Christmas Loot Boxes!.

Because inevitably I'll get a comment saying "Bu-bu Loot boxes contents are pre-determined!" I know. That's why I'm saying don't play arcade so that the loot boxes don't go into your inventory. Because if you play arcade after the event already launches, then you'll receive Christmas Loot Boxes.

Aim at the objective and use the acknowledge voice line (usually F) to tell your teammates to get on the objective.

Just figured this out after about 35 hours of playing. Hope it helps others.

If you're playing Roadhog and you see an enemy Brigitte, get your fat ass out of there.

I love Total Mayhem, and one of my favourite heroes in that mode is Roadhog. Since the release of Brigitte, I have learned one thing:If she gets you in a Shield Bash, you're fucked.You cannot reload, you cannot heal more than 100HP and you cannot Whole Hog her away. You can hook if her shield is down, but why the hell would you wanna drag her towards you? All you can do is sit there, and wait for her to slowly burn through your 1200HP with her Tickle Flail and shield bashing.Stay safe, fellow Hogs.