Overwatch tips

Play Together or Die Alone

Previously, Roadhog players were fully capable of going off on their own and seeking out targets that may have strayed from the pack. While this wasn’t the only method, his former one shot capabilities made him a dangerous foe to meet in an empty hall away from your team. Now, users will need to play far closer to their teammates if they want to have a larger impact on the game itself. Roadhog is now more of a support tank than one that could brawl with other heroes, so it’s important to understand this role alteration. Your primary job as Roadhog is to now pull key targets into your team for easy kills and to help suppress/crack the enemy team’s barrier. However, given the prevalence of the dive meta, this might not be as viable in higher ladders. He is more situational now and thanks to the Reaper buff can be killed much easier now by DPS heroes.

Start with the Core Weapons

There are a lot of guns in CS:GO. Some of them look very impressive, and many beginners will want to introduce them to the game. For example, they purchase Desert Eagle or AWP and can’t understand how such great weapons don’t deliver nice headshots. It would be much better to start your practice with more effective in-game firearms. They are:

  • Pistols: Tec-9 (T), Five-SeveN (CT), P250 (both teams)
  • Riffles: AK-47 (T) and M4A4/M4A1-S (CT) Don’t rush to learn about other guns unless you can use the above mentioned ones on a decent level - this is how to play CS GO and get victories. The rifles are especially effective and most pro-players take them to matches as well.

Practice Accurate Shooting

There are lots of things happening in CS:GO matches, so you might have no time to stay calm and practice aiming and shooting. But it is a worthy training that will pay off nicely. You have three options:

  • Start the game on community-created maps specially dedicated to aiming. Just search for aim training on the Steam Workshop and try out any map you find interesting. Make this CS GO training your regular practice.
  • Play with bots and try to concentrate only on shooting. Keep the other important aspects aside for a while.
  • Play the Deathmatch mode - it’s a very good practice of fast shooting.

Use Burst Fire

It’s quite hard to deliver nice headshots with a single shot - to do this you need to be very precise in timing, movements, and accuracy. It’s not easy to be accurate while spraying bullets (when you keep the left mouse button pressed) - you should learn CS:GO Spray Patterns and Recoil Compensation to figure out how the bullet streams behave. Another shooting mode is much more convenient for beginners - burst fire. You shoot a few bullets, so your gun remains accurate. And you don’t need to rely on the deadly power of one shoot because other bullets will deal additional damage. Stay still while shooting. In CS:GO, you can’t shoot accurately while moving. Learn how to freeze for a moment to make the burst and then continue moving around the map. It’s a very good piece of advice for those who wonder how to get good at CSGO. To practice in-game movements, you can try out other fun bits of entertainment such as CS:GO Surfing.

Check Your Bullets and Reload

You should always have enough ammo in the magazine to be ready for killing virtual opponents. But reloading takes time and this means you remain vulnerable. It would be wise to wait for proper moments to reload CS:GO guns. You should feel safe for this and should only do it when really in a need of more bullets.

Listen to the Sounds

It’s hard not to make noises in the virtual world of CS:GO, but still, you should be very careful with stomping and banging around. Opponents will be able to distinguish your position and organize an unexpected attack. At the same time, you should use this feature for the benefits of your team. Always play with a headset to hear everything properly. Make decisions on the base of those sounds. This simple but very effective advice will help you to rank up in CS:GO fast.

Choose One Map and Learn It. Then Move Forward

Each map in Counter-Strike is more than walls and objects. These locations define the game rules, behavior of both teams, possible strategies, and overall playing experience. To get better at CS:GO, you should become good on specific maps. Take a look at the best CS:GO maps. Choose the one you like the most (for any reason). Start practicing on it and develop your skills until you reach a very good level. Here are the four most popular maps to choose from:

  • Mirage
  • Inferno
  • Dust II
  • Nuke Use our guide on CS:GO Callouts to learn the map of your choice properly. Remember the names of all the internal places - it’s important for communication with teammates. Don’t allow yourself to get bored with your map. Feel free to have fun in other locations - after all, you need to learn them too. Don’t get stuck with one map for too long. Make the next step when you are happy with your current progress.

Communicate with Your Teammates

You can be a good player but you can’t win CS:GO matches alone. It’s a team-based shooter first of all (as well as Team Fortress 2), so start developing your communication skills from the very beginning. Share your position, inform other players on the enemy actions, coordinate your strategy in each round, and just share your emotions. This will help to bring you the most powerful excitement. And you certainly will be much more effective in the game. The next step here is to play with the same people again and again. Form your team or join one - the most profitable esports organizations have been created in this way.

Learn Map Control

Beginners in CS:GO may try to bring behavior patterns from other shooters, such as Battle Royale games - and this is not how to be better at CSGO. The game is not about just keeping alive and staying together to protect the team. Here you have straightforward goals, and you have to control the map to achieve them. Of course, you should know the locations and behave as a team, so this tip is a sequence of the previous two. Counter-Terrorists should focus on covering approaches to the bombsites and play patiently in defense. Terrorists should not only rush to a bombsite but also think about clearing the place and then protecting it from any enemies.

Bots and Casual Matches before Competitive

It’s a special feeling when you jump into CS:GO for the first time and find yourself in total chaos, not knowing what is going on. Perhaps you don’t know where that bombsite is, how the enemies can kill you so quickly, and why everyone is yelling at you. The CS:GO community is quite toxic, so you may get an unpleasant starting experience. Practice with bots - it’s a great opportunity to understand the game basics and not become frustrated with your initial steps. But don’t play with bots for a long time. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a multiplayer game. When you know what to do and can kill at least the easy bots, jump into the Casual matchmaking. Shootouts here do not affect CS:GO ranks, so players are rather forgiving to newcomers - they come here to practice and have fun. You will be able to enter Competitive matches only after reaching the experience level Private Rank 2. Feel free to take your time and start fighting for your rank only once you have strongly improved skills. And take a look at the advice on becoming CS:GO Global Elite.