Overwatch tips

Adjust the Game Setting for Maximum Comfort

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gives lots of opportunities to change something inside the game - through the traditional Settings Menu or many CS:GO Console Commands. Gain the basic game experience and you will begin to feel what you should adjust. Many Counter-Strike tips recommend paying proper attention to the following aspects:

  • Mouse Settings - decrease the mouse sensitivity to make bigger physical movements for smaller virtual actions. Thus you will be more precise in the game.
  • Crosshair Settings - to see where you are aiming at and don’t be distracted by the crosshair itself.
  • HUD elements - radar and other info on the screen should look the best for your own visual setting, to allow immediate understanding of the situation.

Use Grenades - but Thoughtfully

The game has nice weapons and very good grenades, so players should use both. First, it’s difficult to understand when and where you would throw Smokes, Flashbangs, Molotovs, and HE Grenades. Many beginners do this chaotically, with no good effects at all. Still, don’t stop this practice. Professional players also use a lot of grenades but they know exactly how to get the most out of them.

  • Smokes block the vision
  • Flashbangs blind players for a while
  • Molotovs prevent from entering an area and deal damage
  • HE Grenades strongly damage

Consider the Economy

Players should earn a lot in the game and wisely spend these funds. The in-game economy is often ignored by beginners, and this is a mistake. Your purchases depend on many factors. For example, after losing the pistol round or having no resources in the middle game, the team should go eco - buy nothing and save for the future. Some weapons (most SMGs) give an additional killing bonus, so you can use them to boost your budget. The CS:GO economy is a vast topic, and you should delve deeper into it. Do you know a way of earning real money in this game? Sell CS:GO skins on DMarket and get cash for whatever you need.

Shoot, Hook, Shoot, Melee

Typically, Roadhog players could secure a kill by simply hooking a target in and then firing a shot off from their Scrap Gun. However, players will need to be a bit savvier when it comes to killing heroes and this is one of the more consistent combos to land. While it sounds like a lot, performing this sequence enough will simply make it muscle memory for when you look to pull someone in. To start out you will want to at least try to do some damage with an alternate or primary fire blast before you launch the hook out. Many heroes have very small critical hit boxes so you cannot bet on one shotting them when they’re dragged in. Follow up your hook with a primary fire and then quickly melee them to add an extra 25 damage to your foe. This should be enough to kill targets you pull in around 200 health, but anything higher and you will need a third follow-up shot at the end of this chain. Despite many players claiming Roadhog is dead, he isn’t. However, his playstyle has been drastically changed and it may take some more time for people to learn how to use him in combat. Despite the meta not really working in his favor, Roadhog is still a decent off tank if you’re running a more traditional, barrier focused build in Overwatch.

Learn from Professionals

Read guides, watch streams, and follow esports tournaments. Feel like a sponge that absorbs CS:GO tips and tricks to use them in your games. Guides can offer new information and open fresh understanding. For example, check out this simple but advanced CS:GO guide on How to Aim Better in CS:GO on DMarket. Twitch streamers spend lots of time in the game, so they definitely know some interesting tricks. Esports teams earn a lot of money, so their fights make up the best CS:GO possible. Watch matches and listen to CS:GO pro tips to learn a lot of new and helpful stuff.