Overwatch tips

Turn your bloom off and watch your accuracy skyrocket.

Talk in third person.

When on the attacking team at Numbani you can see outside the door from the char select screen.

Sorry if this is a repost. Just noticed this the other day when I caught a Bastion and Junkrat setting up outside the door. I wouldn't have seen them otherwise. The background camera for the char select is real-time.Edit: Picture of what I mean (just for example, no red team here)

You can charge your M1 by attacking Mei's icewall.

Just hold down m1 on an enemy icewall if you see one nearby for free charge and surprise your enemies with an already full charged beam.

Check Behind You If Someone's Asking For Healer.

When people get low, they'll retreat, which means they'll be behind you. Remember that.

Heal leaves a HoT on your allies, take advantage to be more efficient!.

Moira leaves a HoT on allies when healed.  The HoT seems to be about 50 health. It takes while, about 3 second or so. Still, this is quite useful when topping off allies. You can consume little charge while getting that last bit of health. Better than to hold the heal and overdo it, wasting your resource. Further more, it does not seem like the HoT stacks the longer you use it.

Punish Mei's Cryo-Freeze with your trap.

This has been helpful for me whenever dealing with any Mei players up close and personal.

Use burst first on heroes with armor.

For example as Soldier, You should use Helix Rocket first so the armor is less effective.