Overwatch tips

EMP can also act like a Double Jump.

watch meFYI: This small little tip can help you make a nice fatty EMP in maps where there is no center (kinda like the hole in one of the points of Oasis). You can clear the gap if you hit Q when skipping across.

The Heavy Assault unit is immune to knockback.

I'm pretty sure someone has posted this somewhere, but yeah. It's completely immune to knockback as far as I know, which means it can't be booped, but it can still be stunned.The biggest thing you can take away from this is that you can feed it an entire Roadhog ult into its head.

Don't immediately wake an ulting target after I sleep them as Ana.

Like S: 76, Winston, Genji, etc) Defeats the purpose of me doing it, you should Wait out the duration so they have maximum ult waste. Thanks!Edit: If you were already shooting it I know you can't stop, probably should call out when I'm aiming for a sleep dart.

Abusing a member of your own team constantly will leave you down a teammate.

I have a few issues that result in me occasionally having outbursts when the team I'm on is uncooperative. And when they proceed to laugh at me for having said outburst and actively claim I am crying in match chat, that leads to one response from me: leaving the game.Seriously, as if yelling "salt" at the enemy team wasn't bad enough. Do you have to be toxic to your own teammates too? If the answer is "yes", then I invite you to rethink your life.

Don't use health packs. Let the healers heal you so they can build up their ultimate abilities faster, unless you really need to use them.

Titles says it all: by letting your healers heal you, they can build up their ultimate abilities much faster. Same thing goes for characters that can self-heal like Roadhog so you can build up Whole Hog much faster. Ultimate abilities can change the tide of battle so let your healers heal you and only use health packs when you really need to like when you're too far away from your healer or if your healer was eliminated