Top 10 Overwatch tips

When you hook someone as Roadhog, you can just hold down m1 to make your gun fire at the first active frame.

You know that down time when you're waiting for your newly hooked enemy to be dragged into you and you're timing just when to push m1 to try and get the shot in at just the right time? Just hold m1 and you'll get it perfect every time. Not sure if this is well known info but I didn't find out until like a week ago and I'm sitting at nearly 100 hrs.

Start with the Core Weapons

There are a lot of guns in CS:GO. Some of them look very impressive, and many beginners will want to introduce them to the game. For example, they purchase Desert Eagle or AWP and can’t understand how such great weapons don’t deliver nice headshots. It would be much better to start your practice with more effective in-game firearms. They are:

  • Pistols: Tec-9 (T), Five-SeveN (CT), P250 (both teams)
  • Riffles: AK-47 (T) and M4A4/M4A1-S (CT) Don’t rush to learn about other guns unless you can use the above mentioned ones on a decent level - this is how to play CS GO and get victories. The rifles are especially effective and most pro-players take them to matches as well.

Flipping your Ice Wall and putting it into the group of enemies does a great job disrupting/reducing their movement to make shooting them easier.

Just a nice way to use Ice Wall on cooldown. Try it out.

Practice Accurate Shooting

There are lots of things happening in CS:GO matches, so you might have no time to stay calm and practice aiming and shooting. But it is a worthy training that will pay off nicely. You have three options:

  • Start the game on community-created maps specially dedicated to aiming. Just search for aim training on the Steam Workshop and try out any map you find interesting. Make this CS GO training your regular practice.
  • Play with bots and try to concentrate only on shooting. Keep the other important aspects aside for a while.
  • Play the Deathmatch mode - it’s a very good practice of fast shooting.

Her rifle is hitscan when zoomed in, but fire a projectile when not.

Ana's rifle is hitscan when zoomed in, but fires a projectile when unscoped. If you're unaware, hitscan pretty much means it will hit instantly, or at least as fast as the server will recognize it. Unscoped it will fire a projectile, much like Hanzo's arrow. No damage falloff, and no headshot bonus on either mode. Also, no damage increase when zoomed in.

Use Burst Fire

It’s quite hard to deliver nice headshots with a single shot - to do this you need to be very precise in timing, movements, and accuracy. It’s not easy to be accurate while spraying bullets (when you keep the left mouse button pressed) - you should learn CS:GO Spray Patterns and Recoil Compensation to figure out how the bullet streams behave. Another shooting mode is much more convenient for beginners - burst fire. You shoot a few bullets, so your gun remains accurate. And you don’t need to rely on the deadly power of one shoot because other bullets will deal additional damage. Stay still while shooting. In CS:GO, you can’t shoot accurately while moving. Learn how to freeze for a moment to make the burst and then continue moving around the map. It’s a very good piece of advice for those who wonder how to get good at CSGO. To practice in-game movements, you can try out other fun bits of entertainment such as CS:GO Surfing.

Check Your Bullets and Reload

You should always have enough ammo in the magazine to be ready for killing virtual opponents. But reloading takes time and this means you remain vulnerable. It would be wise to wait for proper moments to reload CS:GO guns. You should feel safe for this and should only do it when really in a need of more bullets.

Translocator Bait.

There is one gimmicky play I recently discovered with Sombra. If you throw your translocator to some area, visible by the enemy, someone will, usually, come over to camp it, and while they are doing that, they tend to relax a bit and stand still, that's where you come up to them and shoot them from behind, they are likely to panic and you have pretty good chance for a kill. Not only that strat can bring you kills, it also discourages people from camping your translocators in a future, so it can massively improve Sombra's gameplay (nothing is more frustrating than being caught in camp after you use translocator.

If enemy pushes the playload to the end, it doesn't mean that you lost the match, you can allways do the same faster.

It happens frequently that someone in match gives up or even leaves it after 1st half defending and enemy pushes the payload all the way. This is even more frustrating when attackers trigger overtime before they get it to the end and then someone on the defendenig team decides ok we lost this. In reality if the 1st attacker triggered OT there is plenty of time for the 2nd attackers get it there faster. So don't give up on the win!