Paragon tips

Use enemy harvesters to heal.

Enemy harvesters trigger spirit regen so you take one of those down and be back with a large portion of health. Just be careful since you're in enemy territory.

Don't use cast Converter against Sgt.Belica

You can build a minion army.

If you only kill the ranged minions form one group then leave the lane an army will build up. This is a useful strategy to use when you want the lane to push itself while you do other things. Also it is a great way to kill a tower fast with a large army to help.

Destroy Shadow Ward without your own ward.

Probably works with The Fey and many other heroes but basically: 1. Walk into a shadow pool and find a shadow ward then move back out of the pool.2. While outside of the shadow pool use your arrow shower on the ward. Quickly return to the shadow pool so that you see your ability hit the ward.3. Finish the ward off now that you can attack it regularly.Just a neat little trick I picked up. Hopefully it'll help you guys.Should work with any ability with a delay. Maybe even basic attacks if you're fast enough.Edit: I figured this out with Sparrow. Figure it would work with anyone with almost any ability that is delayed, DOT, or a skill shot if you're fast enough.

Bind Keys 1-3 to Middle Mouse.

You're able to set multiple keys to the middle mouse button and it will activate all of your active abilities with one easy-to-access click as supposed to the awkwardly placed 1-4 number keys one at a time. This is great for active ability cards!

When possible, drop a buff for the adjacent lane.

As the title says, if your farm is going well, consider dropping blue buff for that Howwie in the lane next to it and let him know. Drop that red buff for the twinblast in the lane next to it. let him know. its crazy but i do this in my games and you wouldnt believe how helpful it is. Maybe its because i come from smite, where the junglers job is actually to drop buffs for people.on the flip side, it REALLY BUGS me when im clearing red camp and the random grux who chose jungle even though two other people already picked junglers comes in, body blocks the last hit, snatches red buff runs away and then has the nerve to type "jungle buffs are for me, pussy." WE'RE ON THE SAME TEAM YOU DOOFUS. dont be a dik.

Get Orb Prime late game when the other team has at least 2 people down.

So many times today my stupid team ignored me when I was spamming ATTACK ORB PRIME. Instead, they pushed mid, touched the inhibitor, then proceeded to get wiped and end up losing. This happened to me in THREE different groups today and unfortunately I wasn't the carry any of those times so I had no control. Bonus Pro Tip: If you want to win, you pretty much have to carry.

Avoid being the lonewolf in a battle

Mech Arena Robot Showdown is all about teamwork, all the chassis roles complement each other and so a team is most effective when all the players are together. Going lonewolf is not recommended as you will end up very vulnerable if you are on your own. Stick with your team and coordinate attacks together to achieve the most success. On the other hand, if you see someone from the opposing team going lone wolf, this will be a great opportunity for an easy kill. Get your team together and swarm the solo player and it is very unlikely they’ll survive.

Shoot in short bursts when firing at a distance

Recoil kicks in a little while after you start shooting, the longer you hold the shoot button down, the stronger the recoil gets. This will have a huge effect on your ammo, as you’ll end up missing more than hitting bullets. If you shoot in short bursts, accuracy will be much better and recoil will not be as strong. This is a very effective way of eliminating enemies at a distance.