Photography tips

Use a Simple Background

Remember, you have to concentrate on the couple and choose something rather plain to get a cool shot. Very colorful backdrops will distract the attention and you’ll have to spend lots of time on editing.

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Use Manual Focus for Macro Photography

The auto focus is our first helper while taking most photographs. When it comes to macro photography, we usually shift to the manual focus. The thing is that when you take pics of tiny things using the auto-focus, the results leave much to be desired. That is why if you want to get qualitative shots ‒ adjust the focus manually.

Mind Focal Length

What about the focal length of the wedding photograph, remember that for such small things, like wedding rings you should use macro shooting or 100mm, for portrait photos of the bride and groom, or the guests you should use 85mm, and for the whole wedding holiday 35mm is the most suitable variant.

Use a Trusted Photo Editing Software Program

Photographing a wedding and image post-processing are two basic components of a shooter’s work. When you have the images taken, it’s time to get down to photo editing. We recommend using Lightroom or Photoshop to improve photos. These are universal image retouching programs suitable for amateurs and professional users.

Learn From Each Wedding You Do

Even if you do all the preparations and read all the possible info on the net on weddings photo shoots, your first wedding gig is not going to be the perfect one. Analyze all the fails and try to avoid such mistakes photographing for another wedding. Remember that no one was born a professional shooter ‒ everything comes with practice.

Same-Day Slideshow

You may also create a short same-day slideshow to interest the guests and also advertise your services. It’s not difficult and doesn’t take much time ‒ use a series of photos going well together.

Slow Down

Remember that there is no need to hurry while photographing a wedding. You may simply take hundreds of plain shots interesting to no one. The reception may go very quickly but your task is to keep calm and capture the best moments. Slow down, take a deep breath and you will definitely get the photos satisfying both your clients and your own professional requirements.

Grand Exit

Each wedding reception is ended with the grand exit. It is a traditional walk of a bride and a groom as a married couple. The guests form a corridor for the newlyweds, sprinkle them with confetti or glitters. Mind that you are for sure to take images of the exit, which is not an easy task, actually.

Sort Out the Images

When you send your client about 1000 images and even more from the weddings photo shoots, take care of the customer and sort out the photos into groups. Put the pictures capturing the bride’s morning, groom’s preparations, ceremony, walk, decorations and details, dinner, and the evening dances into different folders. Moreover, if the wedding shots are grouped according to the tags, you may quickly send them to other wedding vendors ‒ stylists, decorators, a wedding attendant, florists ‒ they are looking forward to getting the pics as much as newlyweds are.

Create Online or Printed Wedding Albums

One more way to remind about you as a wedding shooter is to create and sell wedding albums. Original photo albums will successfully complement your main activity.

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