Photography tips

Provide Fast Turnaround

If it is possible, try to cope with image retouching as quickly as possible. Don’t send the photographs 10 minutes before the deadline. If the clients see your care and attention, they are likely to use your services again and again. For example, hire you for birthdays, anniversaries or simply recommend to their friends having a wedding soon.

Preview Images

Provide your clients with some wedding photographs not long after the “Big Day”. There is no need to give the images you are going to include in the wedding package. The newlyweds will be happy even to have the non-retouched photos.

Ask Your Couple to Recommend You

Don’t hesitate to ask the couple to recommend you to their acquaintances. Perhaps, one of their friends is currently looking for a wedding photographer. Moreover, you may also show your wedding images to them and prove your professionalism. If the newlyweds are satisfied with the images and the videos, they will certainly do it for you.

Take Care of Your Style

Create a convenient portfolio with galleries for each user of your site to view your pics and get an idea about your photo style, prices, and geography. Make the site as simple as possible and highlight the most important thing ‒ your pictures.

Wear a Wristwatch

It’s not a secret that weddings photo shoots require sticking to the precise schedule since all the parts of the reception go one after another. As a wedding photographer, of course, you are to control the time to capture all the important moments. I recommend having a wristwatch. Having a watch, you will control the time without being distracted from the shooting process.

Aperture Priority

Of course, photographing a wedding, you usually adjust the aperture settings. The Shutter priority mode doesn’t give the same esthetic control, as the aperture tends to change because of the different light. For example, if you take the couple portraits choose between f/1.4 to f/2.8 or use a high aperture value photographing the location or guests.

Always Keep an Eye on Grandparents

Unfortunately, shooters often forget about grandparents at the wedding. Actually, it would be great to show their affection and communication with other guests. Believe me that these photos are really of great value since all of us understand that our time with them is more limited than with other relatives.

Don’t Stick to the View Screen

Don’t view every newly-taken shot. In the view mode, you lose the battery charge and are distracted from what’s actually happening around. It’s better to view the material during the breaks. Delete only those photos that you won’t definitely use.

Don’t Shoot People While Eating

One more advice from our wedding photography tips concerns eating. Don’t shoot people having meals. As a rule, nobody looks great while doing that and nobody will say “thank you” for such shots.

Smile More

If you smile to the people, they smile in response. Try to make eye contact. Don’t hide behind your camera.