Photography tips

Use a Paper Plate as a Beauty Dish

Image via DIY Photography All you need is a paper bowl that you probably can find in your kitchen. It won’t achieve the exact same look as a beauty dish, but it’ll certainly work as a quick DIY hack to modify your lighting.

Build a Ring Flash

Image via Flickr This hack requires a bit more craftsmanship, but gives some great results. Using a plastic bowl, some foil, and your camera’s pop-up flash, follow the steps and you’ll be ready to snap shots with this flash ring.

Bounce Your Flash Using a Business Card

Image via DIY Photography This trick is great for a quick way to bounce your flash. Just attach your business card to your pop-up flash, and you’ll be amazed at the difference in lighting.

Build a DIY Flash Diffuser Using a Film Container

Image via Lomography This hack makes a quick flash diffuser while giving you a great way to repurpose your film containers. Just cut the film container to fit your pop-up flash, and you’ll be ready to start shooting.

Create a Light Snoot Using a Pringles Can

Image via Story Blend This trick might give you an excuse to finish an entire can of Pringles in one sitting, but it’s also super easy for getting more focused lighting in your shots. Just place the can over the flash, and you’re good to go.

Use a balloon for flash diffusion

Image via Digital Trends Low on coffee filters? No worries, a white balloon works just as well. Grab your balloon, blow it up, and hold it in front of your pop-up flash for this quick flash diffusion trick.

Coffee Filter Light Diffuser

Image via Sixth Bloom Here’s for all the coffee drinkers out there! Simply grab an extra filter and a rubber band to make this flash diffuser. It’s so easy you can even do it before you’ve had your daily caffeine intake.

Create a DIY Light Table Using Cardboard

Source A great prop for product photos. Just grab a cardboard box, some tape, and start putting together this super cool light table.

Create a Beauty Dish Using an Aluminum Roasting Pan

Image via DIY Photography Another simple lighting trick: grab an aluminum turkey-roasting pan, a lambency diffuser (you can even DIY one with this trick), and a colored lid for the diffuser. A few short steps and you’ll be on your way to perfectly lit model shots!

Create a Reflective Card Using Aluminum Foil & Cardboard

Image via DIYProjects Grab a piece of cardboard you probably have laying around and wrap it evenly in tin foil. The easiest DIY reflector in under 5 minutes!