Photography tips

Tips for Setting Your Wedding Photography Prices

Knowing how to price your wedding photography package is tricky. If you charge too low, you miss out on your worth and value as a photographer. The couple might also see this as a lack of confidence and judge your work accordingly. On the other hand, if the price is too high, people could choose to go elsewhere. Pricing has nothing to do with your camera, education or experience. It all comes down to confidence. Confidence that you can take the best photographs for that value. People will spend their set budget. This way, they feel they are getting the best photographer for their budget.

Biggest Advantages of Being a Wedding Photographer

Wedding photography is stressful and fast-paced. But after a few, you will feel comfortable and you will find your own photography style. There are many positive sides to being a wedding photographer. You will learn a lot about time management and your own abilities. How to photograph and work under pressure. How to organize yourself and becoming assertive in knowing what to look for. You can learn to be assertive and turn away clients if you feel that you don’t share the same vision or ideas. Plus, you get to go to the most important day of people’s lives and revel in their happiness.

Beautiful Engagement Photo Poses to Try

Before the wedding ceremony, many couples ask for an engagement photo session. While wedding photography belongs to the niche of events, engagement photos are portraits. Therefore, they require different preparations. Just like portrait photoshoots, here are several poses and ideas you can try. The main goal is to capture the intimacy and love of the partners in a heartwarming way. You can also put emphasis on a specific location that the couple loves or the engagement ring. Read our article for more tips!

Use Shiny Surfaces to Split the Frame

Translucent items like the fishing line and sandwich bag are great items for DIY photo tricks. But another excellent category are reflective surfaces. And as one viral post shows, you don’t have to look any further than your pocket. The screen of an iPhone, smartphone or tablet is a nice, black reflective surface. Hold it underneath or a bit over the bottom of your lens. Then angle the screen to reflect the top half of the image in the bottom. This trick isn’t restricted to a smartphone either. Look for any reflective surface that you can hold up to your lens.

Create a Rain Guard Using a CD Spindle (Case)

Image via Lifehacker Another way to protect your camera from rain is using a CD spindle and a plastic bag. Cut out the spindle to the size of your lens and attach it with gaffer tape. Protecting your camera during rainy shoots has never been easier.

Protect Your Camera From the Rain Using a Ziploc Bag

Image via Purple Summit Shooting in the rain can pose some problems, but by using a Ziploc bag and gaffer tape, you can protect your camera during rainy shoots. Keep in mind this doesn’t completely waterproof your camera, however, so it’s best to use this trick in light rain instead of a downpour.

Use a Hands-Free Headset as a Camera Remote

Image via Instructables By following these simple steps, you can easily turn a $3 hands-free headset into a camera remote.

Create a “Grid Effect” Using a Tea Strainer

You can create grid shadows using an old tea strainer. Just hold the strainer at different levels of light in front of your subject to create this shadow effect.

Create a Lens Flare Using a CD

Image via Bored Panda You can create a lens flare using a CD to reflect the light back into your images at different angles. For best results, don’t forget to remove your lens hood before trying this out.

Create a Soft Focus Lens Using Clear Plastic & Vaseline

Image via Free People Using a piece of clear plastic and vaseline, you can create a soft focus lens that allows you to get creative with the design. Spread vaseline onto your plastic and use in front of your lens while shooting. The more vaseline in one area, the more opaque the outcome will be, so get creative with the different effects this can make!