Photography tips

Use Drinking Glasses as a Lens Filter

Image via Wolfeye You probably have tons of glasses in your kitchen cabinets, so give them another use by grabbing one and trying it out as a lens filter for a cool effect.

Create a Lens Filter Using Your Sunglasses

Image via COOPH Use your sunglasses for a quick lens filter. Just hold them up to your lens and start shooting!

Create a Macro Lens Using a Toilet Paper Roll

Image via COOPH You can try macrophotography by attaching an empty toilet paper roll to your lens and camera. Super simple with great results.

Use a Coffee Cup Sleeve as a Lens Hood

Image via DIY How To Another use for your morning cup of joe. Just reuse the coffee sleeve from your cup to create a quick lens hood.

Build a DIY Tilt Lens

Image via Maciekpp These instructions will teach you how to DIY your own tilt lens, so you can work with tilt-lens photography to capture some awesome pictures.

Use a Plastic Cup for Macro Photography

Image via Petapixel Another trick for easily exploring the world of macrophotography, and you probably have all of the materials you need already. Just grab some plastic cups from the kitchen, and tape one to your lens. This also works as a way to add soft light to your subject.

Build a Macro Lens for Your Phone

Image via DHMakerBus This hack is pretty easy, and will allow for macrophotography on your phone. All you need is an old laser pointer, a hairpin, and some tape. Just grab the focusing lens out of the laser pointer, use the hairpin to hold the lens, and attach it with tape.

Create Colored Lens Filters Using Markers

Image via My23skidoo This DIY hack is easy and tons of fun. All you need is paper, scissors, plastic and string. Simply cut out the plastic shape and get creative by adding a design with markers.

Wrist Rubber Band to Prevent Zoom Creep

Image via Lifehacker Avoid the annoying problem of your camera lens moving due to gravity by using a wristband to prevent zoom creep.

Use Pantry Shelves to Store Lenses

Image via DIY Photography Another simple way to store your lenses safely and efficiently, just use pantry shelves. This is great if you have a lot to store and you’re trying to save space!