Photography tips

Shoot Through an Object to Force Perspective

Image via Petapixel Using cylindrical items to shoot through can force a different perspective and has some seriously unique outcomes. By using a plant pot and dirt, this example makes it seem as if the photo was taken from the hole being dug.

Create a Reflective Photo With a Mirror

Image via Hungry Panda Use a mirror with your model to create a unique shot. Just find an interesting scene for the mirror to reflect and snap your pictures.

Use a Spray Bottle

Image via SLR Lounge All you need for this trick is a spray bottle and some water. Spray a bit of water into your shot, and let the light do the rest.

Use a Hair Dryer to Add a Wind Effect to Hair

Image via Bored Panda Have your model, or an extra person, hold a hairdryer out of the shot to DIY the blown out hair look.

Try Using Lace in Your Self-Portraits

Image via Bored Panda Use lace over your subject and camera to add a simple dreamy effect with interesting shadows.

Shoot Through a Window for Softer Light

Image via Expert Photography Use a window for portrait photography if you want softer light and possibly some texture from reflections!

Use Tinsel as a Prop

Image via Expert Photography Grab some of your holiday tinsel and hold it up to your camera lens to reflect the light for some really cool effects.

Add Steam Using a Simple Steamer

Image via Nicolesy Blog This trick is great for any foodie or product photographer. Easily add steam to your pictures by using a simple steamer that’s out of the shot.

Build a “Ring of Fire” Using Wire & Sparklers

Image via COOPH Sparklers are an easy prop to add cool effects to your photos. This trick shows you how to create a “ring of fire” using sparklers, which gives the effect of fire without the danger.

DIY Bounce Wall

Image via Expert Photography Bounce your flash with this cheap DIY bounce wall. This hack is great for creating soft light to your photos.