Photography tips

Try Out a Sun Catcher

Image via Picture Correct If you want to add cool light effects to your photos, try out a sun catcher. This works similarly to a prism to break up the light rays, and it delivers awesome results.

Try Out a Crystal Ball

Image via Picture Correct Using a crystal ball can give you really cool results pretty easily. This prop flips the scene, which adds something interesting for the viewer to look at.

Use a Smoke Emitter in the Background

Image via Picture Correct Using a smoke emitter can add some interesting vibes to your pictures. This prop can be used for all kinds of shoots, so feel free to get creative with it.

Use Cardboard to Get Easy Overhead Shots

Image via Hungry Panda This trick works best with a smartphone and a remote clicker. Using a piece of cardboard and tape, you’ll be able to get the coolest overhead shots hands-free.

Makeshift Smartphone Tripod

Image via Scoop Whoop Make a quick and easy tripod for your smartphone to get the perfect Instagram shot. All you need is two binder clips and a small piece of cardboard.

Stabilize Your Camera With a Tennis Ball

Image via Lifehacker Attach a tennis ball to the tripod area of your camera for an instant stabilizer. The weight of the tennis ball will reduce camera shake without getting too much in the way while shooting.

DIY Tripod Umbrella Holder

Image via DIY Joy Another quick hack for shooting in the rain! This is better for light rain, and it’ll protect you and your camera easily.

Create a Beanbag Tripod

Image via Do It Yourself Divas Similar to the hack above, this bean bag acts as a tripod and stabilizer for your camera. Your sewing skills don’t have to be perfect to get to work on this easy bean bag, and it’ll provide quick support for your camera during shoots.

Use a Bag of Lentils as a Makeshift Tripod

Image via Digital Camera World This hack is a crafty way to reduce camera shake, especially when using long lenses. With an old pair of jeans, a bag of lentils, and a little bit of sewing, you’ll have a pretty unique tool to use for camera stabilizing.

Make a Flexible Selfie Stick

Image via Petapixel This hack is great for creating a flexible selfie stick that works with cameras, not just smartphones. This can also act as a stand-in for any flexible tripod, so follow the steps and get super creative with your shots.