Pubg mobile tips

When You’re Getting Sniped, Don’t Lie Down

When someone is sniping at your from a distance, your first instinct is to lie down of the ground. I’ve made that mistake many times. The sniper has already identified you and they have a good vantage point. If you lie down, all they have to do is lower their aim and shoot. Bam, you’re dead. Instead, when you’re getting sniped, follow the advice from the above point. Drop weapons, zigzag and run like hell.

For Stealth Mode, Play Barefoot

Boots make a lot of noise. If you’re at the end of the game and you want to play it stealthily, play without boots.

Use Headphones

Sounds play a big role in PUBG. Whether it’s voice chat, prompts from the squad or even footsteps. If you’re not using headphones, you’ll miss out on these cues that will help you discern where exactly the enemy is.

Wait For The Right Moment

There’s no point in just shooting continuously. All you’re doing there is giving the enemy a chance to shoot you when you’re reloading. Instead, wait for the perfect shot and then pull the trigger. Doesn’t matter if you’re using a shotgun or a sniper.

Be Mindful Of The Red Zone

When you’re playing in a squad, there’s always one guy who keeps exploring right till the timer runs out. Don’t be that guy. Be mindful of the red zone and instead of running like crazy at the end, be in safe zone with plenty of time to spare.

Use The Edge Of Blue Circle

The edge of the blue circle is a good place to be. You’re in the safe zone but you can easily target other players rushing in to avoid the storm.

Sprint Without The Weapon

If you’re running towards the safe zone or running away from combat, put your weapons away. This will significantly increase your running speed.

Use Vehicles Wisely

Using a car, in the beginning, can be really useful. It’s a fast way to travel to the safe zone and a great way to quickly run players over. But as you get closer to the inner circle, it will become a burden. As it will make it easier for enemies to spot you.

Switch Between Modes

You can now switch between first person and third person view in PUBG. Before you start the game, tap on the Game mode button and switch between First-Person Perspective and Third-Person Perspective.

Supply Drops Are Not Worth The Trouble

When you see that balloon drop with all that loot, your first instinct might be to run towards it. Don’t. They’re rarely worth it. Don’t be the first one to the loot, it’s a sure shot way to end up dead. Instead, stay around the loot area, see who goes up to get the loot and later, kill them and take the loot from them.