Pubg mobile tips

Strategize Bridges

Bridges can work for or against you in PUBG. If you’re interested in killing some enemies, you can hide by the sides and wait for players running towards the safe zone. But if you’re part of the players trying to cross the bridge, other blood-thirsty enemies can kill you too. So, if you must cross a bridge when running from the closing circle, try using a boat instead. If you can make it to that place earlier, you can also swim across and avoid the tempting but deadly bridge.

Used Vehicles with Caution

Don’t avoid vehicles entirely in the game. You can cover a longer distance in a short time with one. But the only downside is the noise. Once you drive a vehicle, other players will hear the sound and come rushing, especially the trigger-happy freaks. So, if you are prepared to face the attacks, use the vehicles when you must and dump them when they’re not necessary.

Grab Important gears fast

If you want to win PUBG, there are certain items you can’t do without when the game starts. The first one is an assault rifle (ARs). This weapon is versatile and suits every situation you might face in the game. Another essential item is the helmet. Getting a higher-level helmet is too good to ignore. This item will protect your head against deadly headshots that will kill you instantly. Other items to grab are the healing items and bulletproof vest. These two will help you stay alive longer when you’re wounded and help you dodge some bullets.

Don’t engage enemies unnecessarily.

We don’t encourage you to hide in one spot and wait for every other player to die. But you have to choose your fights carefully.  Even if you’re under fire, run away if you can’t kill the enemy. You don’t have to compromise yourself just to get one enemy shooting at you. Remember, when you fire your weapon, you’ve automatically revealed your position to other players. So, instead of doing that, run away and at least live longer.

Strategize your looting spots

Even though you need strategies in PUBG, it can’t take the place of good gears to equip your character better. Since you must loot in the game to grab some great weapons, don’t do it carelessly. Make sure you target those areas or spots that are likely to yield valuable items. For instance, pro players recommend spots such as stores, warehouses, government buildings, military bases, or industrial structures. Some of these locations will yield more valuable results than when you go to places that contain garbage.

Always Keep Your Guns Loaded

After coming out of a gunfight, don’t forget to reload the guns you used. If you make that mistake and start another gunfight, your ammunition will most likely run out thus prompting you to start reloading. Doing so gives your opponent a chance to fire at you quickly without the need to dodge since you’re not attacking.

Lie Down in Looting

If you killed an opponent and want to loot the crate, we will recommend you to lay down while looting the crate. Your opponents can track you even if they see the green light popping on the person you just have killed.

Use the Silencers

Obviously, when you fire a shot from any gun available in the PUBG like Sniper, SMG, AR, etc, it makes noise. Due to this noise, your enemies can track your position easily. So, you should use gun silencers to prevent enemy tracking. There are silencers available for different types of weapons. If you found a silencer suitable for your weapon, just attach it on your gun and it will help you to kill the opponents silently.

Avoid Gun Fights

You have to just focus on the main fight and mission. If you try to involve in other combats, there are a lot of chances to get killed by opponents. So, you need to make the right decisions and directions. If you noted that two parties are fighting then don’t involve in their fight but just hiding is the best option for you. After their fight finished, you can kill the remaining one easily. Is not it the best idea?

Peek and Fire Feature

The Peek and Fire feature are not enabled according to default settings in the game. So, you need to turn on it in the basic settings to play by just revealing your head to shot by hiding your full body. There are two upper body icons shown on the left side of the screen after activating the option of Peek and Fire.