Pubg mobile tips

Use Headphones and Connected With Your Squad

It is more important to hear the sounds of gunshots and footsteps of your opponents. So, you should always use the headphones while playing the game with or without a squad. It will be very helpful to track your enemies by the sound of gunshot and footsteps about from where the gun triggered. Headphones are also very helpful to stay connected with your friends in the squad to make or change the combat strategies during the mission and play like a team to get chicken dinner.

Keep Moving

You should keep moving while playing the PUBG mobile. It means that don’t stick around one point or location. By sticking on one point, you will offer a clear and perfect headshot. There are a lot of snipers who are searching for an opportunity to headshot. So, keep moving is better for you to get good covers.

Use Energy Drinks and Painkillers

These not only auto-heal you for some time but also give you speed boosts. They might not be so fast in healing you but they’ll take you up to 100%. Use them as often as needed.

Select Right Graphics Quality

PUBG Mobile is a graphics-intensive game and you must choose graphics setting accordingly. We recommend that you also keep auto adjust graphics turned on to automatically lower your graphics settings in case of performance drop.

Always Close Doors

Doing so in PUBG Mobile can help you gain a lot of advantages. After gathering all the weapons you need, camp in a building and wait for a raid. Once your opponents see a closed-door they bust in like they’re the owners, take such opportunities to surprise them with your shots and ensure you kill them. Close the door after every attack and redo what you do best when the chance avails.

Be Aggressive, Keep Hustling

PUBG Mobile is a very quick game and you should never come to a standstill. If you stay in one place, whether it’s for aiming or looting, your opponent will find it very easy to aim a headshot and get you down. The more aggressive and active you are, the harder it is for your enemy to shoot at you. Also, be unpredictable and keep on changing your directions to keep them guessing your next move. When you get spotted and there is no spot to hide near you, run haphazardly while adding a few jumps to your runs so that you aren’t easily shot.

Don’t Become A Sitting Duck, Hide In Bushes

PUBG Mobile has long bushes that are good for hiding especially when buildings are not the best options to hide in. Rather than just sitting in a car, hide in the bushes. You’ll be amazed at how you can easily lie down in a bush and be bypassed by opponents at a close range. After that, you can start shooting with them wondering where the gunshots are coming from. However, note that bushes should only be used as a last resort.

Practice Recoil

Make use of the training mode to practice the recoil of different guns. The guns have varied recoil thus different spray patterns. To practice the recoil, pick a gun you prefer and start shooting at a wall. After around 15 shots, check their spray pattern on the wall. Next try to shoot in one direction. This will help you a lot during matches as you’ll be able to shoot stably at an opponent rather than just aimless spraying.

Cars Are Your Best Option At Survival

With a car, opponents will find it hard to shoot at you due to its high speed. When you spot them, you can also easily change your direction and kill them by driving the car over them.

Playing on the Edge

You should play on the edge when there are two or three circles left in a mission. If you have 4x or 8x sight scope, it will give you the best view of the whole circle to play. This kind of trick also helps to minimize the chances of getting killed from behind. So, always prefer to play on the edge of the combat circle, which means that where our blue line is near to the white.