Pubg mobile tips

Decide Your Landing Spot Carefully

Touching the ground on the right spot is important as all it takes is a bullet to knock you down. Picking the right spot could be tricky as the high loot places are also the high-risk zones. There are several hot zones on each PUBG map.

Boost your speed faster

You can’t fight well with depleting energy. When your energy is low, even running or shooting at enemies becomes a hassle. So, to remain active from the beginning to the end, take two cans of energy drinks. Don’t worry; these are foods you can find on the map. Even though you can take one can at a time, taking two at once will give you that quick boost you need to make it to the end. Also, don’t forget that taking painkillers when you’re wounded will also quicken your character. Moreover, if you ever find yourself outside the designated safe area and feels your energy draining fast, take an adrenaline shot to come to life.

Silencers keep you hidden

You need silencers on your guns to mask their sounds. We’ve talked about the importance of using sound to your advantage. But, don’t also forget that the enemies are listening to you as well. So, always take precautions against noise no matter what you do. Use silencers in your guns to make it harder for the enemies. Thankfully, many of the guns in PUBG Mobile can use silencers. For instance, you can attach them to pistols, ARs, SMGs, sniper rifles such as SKS. Many players ignore these simple things and later complain they died too fast. So, pay attention and avoid noise.

Consider using the top weapons

A workman is as good as his tools. So, if you want to get better at playing PUBG, choose a great weapon that can deal explosive damages to the enemies. Well, most players recommend the UZI as it is known to deal terrible damage on a target. The best part is that you can empty 30 rounds of its power into a close target. So, for close-range confrontations, use this one. The SCAR is another great gun with its great scope. The recoil is even better than many, and it doesn’t stress the user much. But when it comes to sniping, everyone knows that the AWM takes the lead amongst all. The only thing is that you can get it through airdrops. But when it hasn’t come, use the SLR to snipe away.

Use camouflage for tactical advantage

There’s no need to expose yourself to the battleground. The armies of many countries usually use dull colors that can easily blend with their environment to sow their uniforms. Why is that? They want to remain hidden from the enemy for as long as possible and catch them unawares. So, think tactically when dressing up your character. Make sure you choose camouflage to blend easily anywhere. Please don’t go for the flashy colors that can give you away; it’s a war and not a party.

Use sounds to your advantage

Sound is an important part of video games. Almost every activity which a character performs on a map makes some noises. So, if you understand how it works, you can utilize it. For instance, on the PUBG map, you can know the sounds through the orange marks. If other players are shooting or driving vehicles, these marks reveal it to you. So, if you notice the location of your enemies, you can observe their movements or even avoid unnecessary fights with them. But let’s say you want to fight, you can move in towards the enemies and shoot some dead.

Isolate the Enemy before Reviving your friend in need

The duos and squad mode let you revive someone or get revived if you are knocked down by an enemy. However, before you rush to help your friend in need try and take down the enemy first. Otherwise, he could ambush you when you are trying to revive your team.

Turn off team voice chat

All that chatter during the PUBG game is fun but it may also distract you. Well, you have the option to mute particular players or the entire voice chat. If you are stuck with a group of random players who are conversing in a language you don’t understand in that case you can disable voice chat completely by tapping on speaker symbol to silence your teammates.

Kill annoying random teammate

Most of us get in a situation where you have to take in a random person in your squad. While it gives you an opportunity to make new friends at times that random person misbehave and uses foul language. Well in that situation, you can get rid of him/ her by throwing a grenade at him. When you do so, make sure you are not in the same room. Mind you use this PUBG trick only when it is necessary, as killing your own teammate also incurs some points penalty.

Help your team while spectating

Did you know? Even after you are knocked out you can use ‘enemy ahead’ message from text chat box to warn your friends still playing.