Pubg mobile tips

Switch between Auto and Single Shots

Changing the fire rate of your gun at times can make a world of difference. Most new players don’t pay much heed to fire rate and continue blazing in auto mode. With certain guns, auto mode works the best while some weapons are better used in single mode especially when aiming to kill at medium to long distances. In single mode, recoil effect is much lesser, which means you have a better chance to hit the target then in auto mode. So, while engaging in close encounters keep you gun in auto mode while scooping for a long kill try and keep your gun in single shot firing rate.

Use grenades to your advantage

There are several types of grenades in PUBG mobile that includes Frag Grenade, Molotov Cocktail, Smoke Grenade and Stun Grenade. These prove really useful to distract or cover or kill enemies during the intense battle royal gameplay. Therefore, it is advised to keep a couple of them for crunch moments.

Kill Like A Pro

If you are engaged in a fire exchange try and take cover from Trees, Stones, Houses etc. Always use peek buttons to take aim from behind the cover this will prevent you from exposing your body to the enemy. Using peak features also helps to reduce recoil of the gun which further improves chances of knocking down your enemy.

Choose Right Gun for Right Situation

All through the PUBG game, you notice different types of weapons lying around in different places. However, you are allowed to keep two guns and one pistol at a time. Therefore, a player should be well acquainted with pros and cons of each weapon and their attachments in PUGB game and choose accordingly. To improve your chances, we recommend using a combination of a sniper rifle with a bigger scope and automatic rifle with a normal scope.

Replace Damaged Vest and Helmet

If you have taken some hits and have managed to survive, you probably have your vest or helmet to thank for it. During the game, you can see the vest and helmet damage. Keeping a damaged vest or helmet lowers your defense and could prove fatal. Therefore, you should keep an eye for them and swap your damaged vest or helmet as soon as possible.

Pick a Gun As Soon As You Spot it

As soon as touch the ground, look for a gun and pick it up, and only then should you look for a better option. Any gun is better than bear punches. Once you find a gun pick up a helmet, kevlar medic kit, and energy booster as soon as possible don’t rush to kill your enemy, first pack yourself with sufficient loot and don’t forget to carry grenades and smoke – they are very handy for the end circles. It is also worth mentioning here is that it is also necessary to organize your bag by dropping attachments of previous guns and upgrading bag, and vest and helmet as and when you find a better one in the game.

Best PUGB mobile Guns

There are several types of guns and animations that can be found on the PUBG game. These are categorized into Assault Rifles, Snipers, Designated Marksman Rifle (DMRs), Short Machine Guns (SMGs), Light Machine Guns (LMGs), Pistols and Short Guns. All these weapons have different fire rate, bullet travel speed, range to hit the target and effective damage caused rates. Other than these things one also has to consider the recoil effect of a gun which could lead to miss fire your short and giving away your position to the enemy.

Always keep an eye on Mini-Map

Always watch minimap on your screen as it is extremely useful. By keeping an eye on the Mini Map you can learn about enemy footsteps, car movements, and the direction gunshot are exchanged. the Mini Map also provide updates related to safe zone area and timing.

Select Third Person View or First Person View

In the settings, you will be able to have a choice of choosing whether third person view or first person view. Thus, before you start playing the game, tap on the game mode button which could be found below start and choose the mode of your choice.

Adjust Graphics Quality

This game allows you to adjust the graphics depending and according to your phone’s capabilities. Though this task is done automatically, but if you think and feel that your game is starting to lag, you could adjust the graphics lower or higher. Note that the higher the graphics quality setting the easier it is for you to spot your enemies.